Anyone Triggered By Fatigue Or Over-Excertion?

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Cataplexy typically for me is most always from the pleasurable laughing moments and they're very short/brief for me, yet intense/severe most of the time.

Severe is of or to a collapsing extent, that is my interpretation from what I've read related to Cataplexy.

But recently, it's seeming to now be also occurring while doing certain activities, as it never had or hardly ever had before.

And maybe now it is not entirely always emotion, based, or triggered?

I've basically quit skating this year, as landing tricks is the most pleasurable thing there is, yet cataplexy coming along immediately after landing a trick, the risk/s level is now way more through the roof than it ever had been before.

It's seeming to occur just from maybe fighting through exhaustion, or being overly fatigued/overly-excerting?

Hockey I've managed well though, at least I thought I was safe from losing it compared with skating, this year that is.

But it seems as though within the first 15 minutes recently (as I am warming up on the ice) I've been having cataplexy for no apparent reason (besides the fatigue/over-excertion factor?) like before shooting a puck.

Once I'm beyond a certain 15-20 minutes, unless some odd occurrence or interaction (emotional) happens, I don't seem to have cataplexy?

It's quite disturbing and scary...

Can anyone comment on their own, perhaps similar, experience/s with their own Cataplexy?

Relating perhaps whether or not they've figured out anything that helps them?

If even gradually warming up in a other method maybe helps in preventing them?

Or like doing yoga/stretching activity prior that day could keep the cataplexy at bay?

Are there or is there, perhaps for any of you that maybe have found such.

A diet routine, anything that works for you, on days you want to avoid cataplexy during physical activity? Besides the common mainstream medications...

Thanks in advance.

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