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Scholarships For Those With Narcolepsy?

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I am looking for scholarships for people with Narcolepsy. I graduated last year from hs. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy when I was in the 7th grade. At that point, I was struggling with school and I repeated 7th grade. My grades did get better. I went from being a C-D average to a B-C average, which is not good enough for most traditional scholarships. I also do not have a high ACT score (only 18). I do think without Narcolepsy I would have better grades and a better ACT score. I missed a lot of school because of my narcolepsy and although I was on an IEP, I got very limited help from my high school. My parents fought hard to get me on an IEP and was able to gain one through an OHI (other health impairment). My mom educated herself and found I qualified to an IEP even when the school officials kept trying to keep me off one.

Now I am graduated and need some help paying for college. I didn't work a job in high school because between playing sports and keeping my grades up and the narcolepsy, A job would have been more then I was able to do. I am working now to save for college and taking online classes. If anyone knows of a place I can apply for a scholarship, please let me know. Thanks! Matt

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