Narcoleptic Patient Is Going To Walk A Kennedymarch

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The president of the Dutch Narcolepsy Foundation, a narcoleptic patient her self, is going to walk a Kennedymarch 24/25 th of september this month as fundraising event. A Kennedy march is a long-distance march of 50 miles (80 km), named after former American president John F. Kennedy. We seek for financial supporters/ donations.

For every 200 donations of $ 10 USD or € 10 EUR we give away a ZEO® worth $ 199 USD to one of the 200 donators. Follow us on twitter @narcolepsie (English and Dutch tweets), and share our fundraise. Smaller donations of $ 1,- are welcome aswell with paypal.


or Donate now (min. of € 10 EUR required, approximately $ 13.65 USD)

If you would like to sponsor us as an company, contact us by mail: Email me

From our president:


'In early 2000 I was diagnosed with narcolepsy, it changed my life. Narcolepsy is a rare, unknown sleep disorder, whose symptoms are much more radical than the patient can see at first. Social, psychological and physical demands so much from the both the patient and his / her immediate environment. The quality of life of the narcolepsy patient is not overestimated.

But "Life's what you make it" by working alongside and I want to show. The finish an impossible task? Maybe, but what at least I can do is start and try to get as far as possible. Support me and with me the Dutch Narcolepsy Foundation.”

‘Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do

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