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Psychic Abilities Or Science?

Science or Parapsychology?   12 members have voted

  1. 1. Have you experienced:

    • Telekinesis
    • Telepathy (read) - reading ones' thoughts or ideas
    • Telepathy (send)- influenced someone with what you were thinking
    • Emotional Telepathy - sense or feel someone's emotions
    • ESP- got a good/bad feeling for no known reason
    • nothing at all
  2. 2. Was this supernatural or is there a scientific explanation?

    • Supernatural
    • Scientific
    • Not really sure

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I am in my late 20's and have had narcolepsy my whole life. I did not know this til a few years ago and the whole time there been many freaky coincidences. Things I have trouble explaining.

In fact, I never told anyone some events because they would think I was either crazy or bothered by demons.

Now, I'm not referring to either H Hallucinations, nor dreams. Believe me, I've had many paralysis hallucinations and have woken up to someone sitting right beside my bed who wasn't there, and they faded very quickly. Because it was only when falling asleep or waking up, I always knew it was caused from dreaming.

I am starting this discussion because I feel the 2 year old threads are too generic. The poll is all or nothing, when it's not that simple. I am curious if anyone is like me. As in, they're skeptical of paranormal occurrences, but some things have happened that aren't coincidence and you can't explain.

Here are some examples.

1. [ESP?]I was in my teens and I always punched it when taking off from a red light, not 100%, but I made sure I took off faster than the one beside me. Well, I was at one stoplight with a big truck on my left, I couldn't see past at all, even through their windows as I was sitting too low.

The light turned green and as I started to take my foot off the brake... I got this extremely bad feeling that I shouldn't go yet. As I hesitated I noticed no one else was moving, not the truck beside me nor the opposing cars. After a 1-2 secs go by a huge diesel truck hauling a bunch of cars fly by around 30mph through the light. If I had taken off like I did the last 10+ stoplights I would have been killed. I never waited for the other traffic to move first, it was still daylight, no headlights to see coming.

Cause? What caused my sudden bad feeling? Was it ESP? Or did I subconsciously take in small clues as to the truck coming? Did I see the look on peoples faces in the cars opposing me? Or a reflection on another car?

2. [Telepathy?]I have always been really good at sensing what other people are thinking or feel. I don't know or think about "body language", or "signs" that most people use to read someone, I have never studied such things. Instead I seem to have a natural ability to tell what someone is thinking or perhaps more accurately... feeling. I can tell when someone is trying to trick me or is lying to me. Of which proof will eventually show up.

Cause? Maybe I am truly sensing thoughts and emotions. Or perhaps I subconsciously take in the body language and I naturally know what it means. Who says you must get a degree in psychology to know all this when you could have learned it all from experience when growing up?

3. [Telepathy?] I was in a convenience store and a guy was about to rob the place. I'm talking 95% certainty here, as the cashiers were really scared. I, unfortunately, was checking out at the time and the guy walks quickly behind the counter and says "I'm going to help you out here" in a creepy tone. The cashiers freeze and right as he says it I make eye contact with him and there is this (what seemed like 5 sec) stare. He hesitates and flips a light switch he was right next to and suddenly changes his stature, like he was just playing and only wanted to turn on something.

Now I'm not a big guy, average sized, but not something people would be scared of. In fact, many have laughed at the idea of me fighting.

It's happened on many occasions, when I get scared... it's like they do too.

Cause? Maybe I can manipulate their perspectives of me. Or maybe I give off a confident "I don't lose" look when I am scared.

These are merely a few examples of unexplained happenings I have seen fairly often. Ironically, more often when sleepy than wide awake.

Anyone else?

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Seeing the future? Or whatever you would call this- Growing up I would have these things that we called "Psych's" where I would see little snippets of something and then it would happen later. It could be days, weeks, months, years...but it happened often. Sometimes I would dream it and it would happen. This doesnt happen too much anymore but i will get occasional moments like this.


Emotional Telepathy- i have kind of a crazy amount of emotional telepathy. It drives everyone insane. :P I have always been able to know what a person is thinking or feeling really easily. I never thought about it being N related but i guess its possible. I actually have to monitor myself because sometimes people might not want to talk about what is bothering them but i know something is bothering them and I want to figure out what so i push it when sometimes people just need silence and time. 


ESP...If i had a nickel for every time I had ESP i would be rich. An inkling to lock my car doors. An inkling not to turn down a street. An inkling that I was going to see a certain person that day (not sure if this counts as ESP) But it happens all the time and usually for a pretty good reason.

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When you think of all the crazy things N and NwC can do to your body and mind, the fact that people go so long undiagnosed, how little it's understood in the world (even by many who have it), with a 1/2000 chance meeting someone else who has it too, and the fact that there's still debate about what causes it, it's little wonder, I think, that a mystical element may well come into the self-rationalizing (trying to undertand and explain to oneself what's happening) by the sufferer.

The dream-state holds many mysteries and as Narcoleptics, we're constantly surfing that REM swell.

Magic is where you find it.

plexicat -

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