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Who Knows Websites W/free Medical Publications?

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i've spent many hours trying to hunt down a FULL TEXT download of "PHARMACOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF HUMAN AND CANINE NARCOLEPSY" by emmannuel mignot and seiji nishino. i managed to find it once-but made the mistake of giving away my last copy thinking i would simply print it off again. can't seem to find it for free a second time-just w/hefty price.

knowledge is power/enlightenment. so many publications may offer new insights into my n./it's treatment.

being of modest means, the cost to access each one keeps me locked in the darkness, able only to visit the threshold of knowledge, w/clickable "add to cart/purchase" icon right along w/'abstract', a glimpse of what i simply cannot afford.

this morning hours were wasted attempting to check out one of dr. christian guelliminault's publications that seemed a promising venue to understand my n. and it's treatment.

alas, it was for naught. time and again a hefty price, website after website, prohibited availing myself of knowledge. i cannot count the similar wasted efforts-

save for a precious very few free full text articles i have managed to wrest forth the aforementioned one by dr. mignot was one.

it i cannot have now; never could peruse so much more despite all the effort i can muster.

anyone know any websites/ways to access knowledge w/o first having to pay some serious $$ at each step of the way?

p.s. is medical knowledge not accessible to the common man? if so, i hope it is one day.

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