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Am I Just Tickleish?

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its been about 10 months since i was diagnosed with narcolepsy and i experience the typical trouble staying standing while laughing. but from about 6th or 7th grade I've had this problem with being tickled that i don't know if its cataplexy or something else. what happens is if , for example, a family member or friend goes to surprise me by sneaking up behind me and quickly jabs or grabs the area between my ribcage and hip bones, my automatic reaction to this is to release a god awful, inhuman sounding noise and collapse onto the ground. i'm not hurt at all by the fall and then burst out into laughter resulting in my inability to get up until the laughter has stopped. it used to be only that but now even is someone comes close to touching me i flinch away. (this has become problematic in school hallways) i was wondering if this is cataplepxy or something else that needs to be looked into

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