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Cataplexy And Hallucinations

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Posted 22 April 2011 - 01:43 AM

Does anyone else get hallucinations during their cataplexy attacks?

I can usually feel them coming on now so I know that I have to either lean against something sturdy or sit down until it's over and/or I breathe it away, but when I let them happen fully I have entire body collapse, start seeing colors first, and then I start seeing images, and hearing voices. It's always the same voices, and they always say the same things, but I can never remember what it is that they say. The images are always of things that would require a great amount of adrenalin, such as getting ready to burst out of a gate next to a race horse at the track, or about to go downhill skiing from a push ramp. The voices that I hear have nothing to do with the images at all.

For me specifically I have certain trigger emotions, such as fear/anxiety and stress will cause them to happen A LOT and they're severe. The laughing is never really that bad- it's a different kind and I almost never have what I described above, which is scary to say the least. I can also have trigger places like the shower. I get C attacks in the shower most often, and I think it's because I allow myself to think and get upset about things in the shower. Déjà vu also causes it for me. For years I couldn't describe what happened to me and these attacks were dismissed as panic attacks, however the technique my psychotherapist gave me to avert the "panic attacks" helps ease and make my cataplexy attacks go away.

Anyone else have similar experiences?

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Posted 14 April 2012 - 02:06 PM

I get them when I am having full body cataplexy attacks when I am at school sitting down in class in the morning.