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Where Are The Weirdest Places You've Fallen Asleep?

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#81 Lorax64



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Posted 16 April 2014 - 09:21 PM

 Also getting most of my tattoos (laying down with that buzzing noise was oddly soothing!), at concerts, at a house party with the music blaring, at concerts (was actually dozing standing up for the last few bands at a festival a few years ago), driving over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Oh and at an outdoor rave in Brighton a few years ago - I just lay down and had a nap. My poor partner had to explain to various police officers that I wasn't drunk or overdosing on drugs, just "a sleepy person" haha


That is funny! I've never had a tattoo myself, but I love watching shows like Ink Master, Tattoo Nightmare, and Bad Ink. The one thing in common seems to be that tattoos are not fun to get, and sometimes really hurt, it is so hard to imagine falling asleep during one. Did the tattoo artist wonder what was wrong - or wonder if you had passed out? I would say I can't imagine dozing while standing up (ok, I personally couldn't) but my son has sworn that has happened to him. 

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Posted 17 April 2014 - 12:26 AM

Hahaha I think they just figured that I had either passed out or was just in too much pain to talk :P luckily both times the tattoo artist was pretty focused on doing the tattoo, and didn't ask me about it. I wasn't in a very deep sleep, so I woke up as soon as the needle stopped buzzing.


Dozing standing up is a pretty common occurrence for me - especially when there are no more seats on the bus and I have to stand up ^_^