Help, My Wife Is Trying To Use My Condition To Keep Me From Having Custody Of My Children!!!

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My name is Ben Sanders, my phone number is 503 298 1238 I live in Washington County and am 31 yrs old.

I am being told to go and chuck myself by my wife of 9 yrs. SHE IS SITING NARCOLEPSEY AS THE REASON WHY SHE SHOULD BE GRANTED SOLE CUSTODY (365 D/Y) OF OUR TWO DAUGHTERS< AGE 7 , AND ALMOST 3.!!!!!!!!!!

I have been served papers, nothing about the case is highly objectionable, except the above.

I have always worked full time,(just about killed myself) to be able to take care of my family. Wife never worked. My job went bankrupt two months ago, so I have nothing, after giving my wife way too much money over the last few months not nowing that she was using it to retain an attorney.

I am a good father. Even though my (Severe EDS, Cataplexy) conditions do have a drastic effect on my income potential, and performance of certain jobs, It in no way disqualifies me from my role as a parent. And my kids deserve every effort that both of their parents can give!!!

please help!! has anyone else had to go through this??

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i just wrote a long post and lost it. darn darn darn.

i am sorry you are going through this. i am not married but live with my daughter's father and we really shouldn't be together, but i stay because i have a secret fear of him using my sleeping disorder against me if we had to go to court about custody.

but the reality is, that a court has to do things legally............they would not and could not take away your parenting rights because of a disorder........unless your wife could prove that your narcolepsy has been a danger to your children. if you can prove that you are "legally" a good parent, she really won't have a leg to stand on.......oh sure, she'll try.......and the more you feed into it and let it get you all emotionally drained and angry, the more it will fuel her belief that she is right.

she is not right. if you are a good parent overall, and you can honestly, calmly show that to a court (never let them see you sweat. lol) a court is going to do what is fair.

there are PLENTY of parents with disabilities and conditions that are fully capable of being good parents (i mean there's people with no arms and legs, or who are blind, or deaf, or many other things) but in a court of law, things like that don't matter if you can take care of your children and keep them from danger, etc. maybe you can go to a website where there are parents with disabilities that may have had to go through this who can guide you.

but remember, a court doesn't rule on emotion....they rule on the educate yourself on what exactly that means in a family court, stay focused and don't let your fear or anger or hurt get the best of you.

hang in there. i'm sure it will be ok....not easy for sure....but it will work itself out if you can just not let it get the best of you.

good luck and keep us posted.

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Thanks, I think this is as you say " going to a website to look for help from others with disabilities, that may have encountered the same sort of thing. LOL

Thank you for the response, it means alot

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