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Interested in the types of research that is being done to benefit Narcoelpsy? Want to be part of making a difference by particpating in research projects? smile.gif Two resources were shared at the conference in Arlington, Virginia - October 2010: - Allows you to register as a person who is willing to particpate in research. When a researcher is looking for people for their study, they can query the site for potential particpants who match their study criteria. All information is confidential. If you match the criteria entered by the researcher, you are sent a notice by the site with information about the proposed study, survey, etc. If you wish to participate, you are then given information to contact the researcher. Includes all types of studies, surveys, questionnaires, interviews and clinical trials. - Site that lists many clinical trials that are approved, in progress or completed. If you want to see what is going on with Narcolepspy research or Circadian and Sleep research, stop by this site and do a search. The site's search engine allows you to search by a keyword, such as the name of the researcher, institution, or any word that is in the text of the research proposal.

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