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I received this information from NN member Tamara B. She's coordinating the voting for July on the Narcolepsy Immunochip Project with Pepsi. Please help us get this much needed money for Narcolepsy Research!

Call for volunteers:

The Stanford University Center for Narcolepsy has applied for a grant from the Pepsi Refresh Program. This grant would allow Dr. Mignot to submit over 4,000 DNA samples to be analyzed, compared, and contrasted with a large number of other auto immune disorders. The results of this project could have insights into not only Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, but Narcolepsy without Cataplexy, autism, and a significant number of other autoimmune conditions.


Grants are given out based on a popularity contest. Every person in the US aged 13+ can register and vote daily for up to ten projects. Individuals can only cast one vote per project per day for a total of 31 votes for Narcolepsy in July. Our first attempt to obtain the grant was in June. We started at slot 276 and ended up in slot 33. While this was significant progress, it was not enough to win the grant. We must finish in first or second place to win the grant.

In the middle of the month we started employing a new strategy which allowed us to make significant gains. We have found that all the winners of the grants engaged in a strategy whereby different groups would systematically trade votes with one another in order to elevate their position. We have worked hard employing this strategy, and are seen as one of the key groups to win. In order to be successful in July we need to have around 4,500 people willing to vote nine out of their ten votes according to the groups that we are allied with. If for some reason you have a moral, ethical or other obligation which prevents you from voting for any of the organizations on the slate, please let me know, and I will provide alternate choices for you.

We will break all of our volunteers into voting groups. Each group will have a different number of people and a different slate of groups to vote for. The slate of votes may change from time to time so we will have each volunteer join a private Google group. I ask that you keep our slate of organizations private. By taking the time to vote this way, you will be adding 10 total votes to Narcolepsy a day rather than just one vote.

I implore you to sign up to vote our full slate of causes so that we can ultimately win this money for our cause. Registering to vote takes only 2 minutes. I have been signed up for 2 months, and have not received one piece of e-mail or spam mail from Pepsi. Additionally voting should take less then five minutes. Please sign up yourself and encourage your spouses, partners, parents, siblings, friends and children age 13 and above to vote for our cause. If you need more info and/or to join the cause, please contact me at any time. You must e-mail me at the following address in order to join our cast of volunteers and receive our slate of causes.

[email protected]

Thank you,

Tamara Begel

[email protected]

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