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An Opportunity For Activism, Advocacy And Action!!!

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Just wanted to remind everyone that visits the message boards that their are 2 projects utilizing internet voting the first could provide funding for narcolepsy research and the second could give funds directly to Narcolepsy Network

The first is at

The Stanford Center for Narcolepsy

has the opportunity to participate in an International Immunochip project where

esteemed researchers of over 20 autoimmune diseases such as Type 1 diabetes,

Multiple Sclerosis, Celiac disease, Lupus, etc. (over 50,000 samples) will

compare and contrast the genetic architecture, defining pathways of immune

abnormalities. With funding we want to include narcolepsy patient samples in

this important collaboration. To have these samples tested will raise

narcolepsy knowledge and visibility to the level of other autoimmune diseases

that are much better funded and studied. With participation we anticipate this

will dramatically increase interest and research in narcolepsy.

We hope that you will vote for this project daily thru the end of June! If it doesn't get funded this month, it will likely carry over to next month so we will need you to keep voting

The second opportunity is through facebook. Search Chase Community Giving...then "like" it, then search for Narcolepsy Network and vote for it! The top 200 vote getters will receive money from Chase Bank for their non-profits. This is a vote one time program and shouldn't take more than a few minutes of your time.

Two great opportunities to help get funding using only a few clicks of your mouse!

So, my husband and I, family and friends are about you????

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I've just gotten the word that the Narcolepsy ImmunoChip project will carry over to July for the Pepsi Refresh voting, so it's not to late to get started! Although current votes will not carry over, it won't hurt getting into the habit of voting every day. Today it is ranked 34...please keep those votes coming!

I also recognize some names from our message board posters on the Chase site. THANK YOU!!!! But we're going to need lots more votes to get us into the money. Please take a few minutes and cast you vote today!

Thanks for listening,


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