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Help Win $250,000 For Narcolepsy Research

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Hello Everyone,

I received this e-mail from Mali asking for help so that the Stanford Center for Narcolepsy can participate in an international research project about autoimmune diseases. This line of investigation follows along with what Dr. Mignot has been pursuing for the past several years.

I am going to vote daily all through the month of June and ask all of my family and friends to do the same. I am suggesting that everyone who reads this do likewise.

Thank you for your help,


“Dear Friends, Family and those whose life in some way is touched by narcolepsy,

The Stanford Center for Narcolepsy has the opportunity to participate in an International Immunochip project where esteemed researchers of over 20 autoimmune diseases such as Type 1 diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Celiac disease, Lupus, etc. (over 50,000 samples) will compare and contrast the genetic architecture, defining pathways of immune abnormalities. With funding we want to include narcolepsy patient samples in this important collaboration. To have these samples tested will raise narcolepsy knowledge and visibility to the level of other autoimmune diseases that are much better funded and studied. With participation we anticipate this will dramatically increase interest and research in narcolepsy.

Please vote for the Narcolepsy Immunochip Project in the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest. Please vote everyday. Please ask everyone you know to vote. Use the link below to go directly to the Pepsi.

Registration will be required. I registered several months ago and with opting out I have not received a single “junk” e-mail.

Please remember to vote everyday during the month of June!

Thank you for your help,

Mali A. Einen

Clinical Research Coordinator

Stanford University Center for Narcolepsy

450 Broadway Street, Pavilion C, 2nd Floor

Redwood City, CA

Tel: (650) 721-7550

Fax: (650) 721-3466



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Just wanted to remind every to keep voting or start now if you haven't voted before. There still are 10 more days left. Earlier this month we were in the mid 90' we are 42. If everyone gets their votes in every day and asks friends and family to do the same, we could move up quickly!

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Latest news from the NN main page:

Pepsi Refresh UpdateThank you to everyone who has been diligently voting every day for the Narcolepsy ImmunoChip Project on Pepsi’s Refresh Everything website! Our community did its best to win a grant at the $250,000 level but the competition has proven too great.

Time to give up? NEVER! It’s just time for a new strategy!

Stanford’s Center for Narcolepsy plans to submit a new grant application for narcolepsy research in the $50,000 category. In order to do so, the current proposal must finish in August with a rank of 103 or below so that it does not roll over to September. Therefore, please do not vote for the Narcolepsy ImmunoChip Project during August. At the end of August we will email our members and mailing list subscribers with full details of the new grant proposal and ask that you resume voting daily and promote the new project through your social networks.

If you’ve been voting all along we suggest you keep on voting daily for other causes you support to reinforce this good habit! And when you do, you can increase interest in and support for narcolepsy research by leaving the following comment, verbatim or in your own words:

“Voting from the Narcolepsy ImmunoChip Project. Please support narcolepsy

research in September when we return with a new $50K proposal.”

If you haven’t been voting, or haven’t asked and reminded friends and family to vote, please know that we need every single vote we can muster to get to the top. Narcolepsy research is severely underfunded, impeding the progress that could and should be occurring. Make the personal commitment today to positively impact the future of narcolepsy by watching for the announcement of the new Pepsi Refresh narcolepsy proposal at the end of August, voting every day in September and recruiting as many friends and family as you possibly can to vote.

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