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Medication Tolerance

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A weird thing has happened to me with my medication. I had been on Provigil for several years, which was supplemented with Adderall. The Provigil 200mg worked great for the first 18 months, then one day-it just no longer helped. My dose was increased up to 400 mg, but could not tolerate; so, I settled on 300 mg which again worked ok for about a year when it quit. Everytime this would happen the doctor would put me on Adderall and after I was off Provigil for a month or two, then it would start working again. My doctor than put me on Nuvigil, which did not work well at all. I stayed on it for 6 weeks, but it made me mean and argumentative, and I also felt tired all the time, and I had GI issues also. After this, I asked for Provigil again-it not only does not work, but the mood stuff and GI issues have persisted-even though the Provigil had never caused this before. It feels like something with my brain chemistry changed and now I can not tolerate Provigil at all, and this grieves me. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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