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NSF- Ecstasy Use Tied to Sleep Apnea

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I have a "feeling" many substances can be tied to sleep apnea.

Neurological sleep apnea is a form of pulmonary depression. So you could easily skew statistics to show GHB to cause the same. Alcohol to cause the same. Benzodiazepams and so on.

Now Ecstasy is a broad term. What are we talking about then? MDMA?

Because ecstasy tends to be a mixture of many many things. Including in some cases caffeine, ketamine, amphetamine salt and MDMA-sister molecules.

If the ecstasy pill was peppered with ketamine, then yeah Apnea would make sense.

But I don't believe (and always remember: belief does NOT constitute proof) - that MDMA causes Apnea.

Sounds more like fear-mongering - don't do DRUGS Campaigning.

Which I would agree with nevertheless - since illegal drugs tends to be worse than prescribed ones (or so I believe).

Alternatively the serotonin depletion often associated with Ecstasy Abuse (MDMA pure or not) could be another factor. Apnea could turn out to be a physical manifestation of depression - manifested into the respiratory system chronically.

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