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Some Ayes Art

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Oh, Ayes, I LOVE it! Your artwork hits spot on for me. The color choice (and you're color blind?!) and lighting interpretation and translation is what hits square center.

Please tell me of the tattooed man (Maori?).

Do you ever go to museums in the Miami area? Tell me if you know of artists by the name of Ed McGowin and Claudia DeMonte. I have much to share of these people. They were good friends of my parents. Ed did a sculpture of my parents titled Love Story and it traveled the globe. Seeing your portrait reminded me of his work, and it also reminded me of the love that my parents had for one another. It is so very beautiful.

I just went to his website to copy the link for here, and I got caught up looking at his work. Funny, you click on his name change project, then click on "enter project", and the first sentence that you read is this: "I stand in the middle of a thousand plateaus, where there are a thousand possibilities."

That reminds me of what you stated in the first posting of yours that I responded to. : ) Here is the link:

This is a link to his awesome wife Claudia's website:

Claudia is an amazing woman. She used to pay attention to me when I was a little girl like no other adult did other than my parents. I adored her (still do). I hope that you enjoy their work, and I wanted to share them with you becuase I thought of them immediately when I saw your portrait.

I think that they go to Miami at different times of the year, and they have had shows there. I may be wrong. I don't remember so well.

Thank you so very much for sharing your picture. It is beautiful, and I think that it portrays a beautiful love story about you and your wife.

HAPPY 40th!!!!!!!! :lol:

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this is my parents sculpture by Ed:

it starts with photos from when they were babies, links them meeting, getting married, having kids. in this particular photo, you can see several with me! the orange circle is me w/ santa claus and i believe i'm 3. on the bottom left , there are 3 pix. my daddy is holding me as a baby in the middle one. some i can't make out.

the interior of the sculpture can be seen here:

it's two chairs with an anniversary cake on the wall.

i don't mean to take away from your gorgeous painting, but i do want to share with you what your work made me think of. i can assure you that it was the sense of love that i derived from your work that led me along this path.

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