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Omitting The Basics And Getting Too Philosopical

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Sometimes I get too philosophical and often forget to write about the basic things in life.

Its the little things that also count in a relationship between two persons and that should never be forgotten.

Often what we do on a day to day basis is taken for granted.

What I am writing about is basically sharing the load of working within the home.

Sweeping, mopping, washing dishes and dusting around the home are very important tasks. These should be done by both people in the relationship.

I was never taught to cook as a young boy so I can burn and the stuff I cook often tastes very bad. But I can sure make a mean omlet that is very nutritious.

I often help out in the kitchen by cutting vegetables down and staying out of the way when I need to.

The rest of the homework I try to do when I have time to help out my wife. She cooks and I wash the dishes aftwards.

Right now we are having the house redone. Adding stucco to the cement brick, the original contractor didn't do that. They just primed over the cement brick and painted over that. The front of the house, the eaves had decorated wood above the garage and in the triangles below the roof. 26 years of wind and weather did their thing to mold them and dry rot the wood there above. Now we have stucco where there once was some very old wood. New paint too. I had a lot of help to finish the project.....Now we also have new, double paned windows. The old ones whistled an improvised tune when ever it was windy outside. We were losing a lot of cool air from the conditioner as well as heat. Lots of money too. Soi, rather than continue putting money in the energy company's pocket so someone could send their kid to college we are now saving the money with those windows.

The work is hectic and I have to do a lot of it as well as direct people on what they should be doing within a given moment. So, the house work inside has fallen behind a little.

We don't hassle each other about the housework or whose turn it is supposed to be to clean house either. We have a big yard and its up to me to mow that too and help the plants outside to grow healthy and pull the weeds when they get out of hand. It gets done eventually at my own pace when I can. No muss, no fuss, no hassle.

That's the way life is supposed to be. No?

Besides life is hard enough trying to energize and quick start one's brains and body.


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