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Mslt Questions

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#1 psocoptera



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Posted 06 November 2009 - 11:59 AM

I have a few questions about the MSLT that maybe someone can help me with. I know that yesterday when I took it, I had two or more sleep onset REM episodes, because they asked me what I dreamed a few times and sent me home early. But I think my sleep latency was longer than it is supposed to be for pwn. Part of this is due to nervousness and discomfort, but the other part is how they ran the test. Is it normal for them to make you get into bed, turn out the lights, and then talk to you to run the diagnostic test (move your eyes, grind your teeth, ect) on the bedside speaker five minutes later? I feel like if you are measuring someone's ability to fall asleep from lights out, waking them after five minutes (might have been three, but as I said, I was falling asleep) would disrupt the measurement. I know it made it harder for me to start falling asleep again.

I guess my real concern is whether the REM in the naps, a very suggestive history, and probable cataplexy is enough to get a diagnosis of N. I really want Xyrem. Just the possiblity of restorative sleep is enough to make me tear up right now.

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 12:44 PM

Hi psocoptera:

Yes, my experience was very similar to yours. For each nap, after I got into bed and they dimmed the lights they had me do several different things including grind my teeth, scrunch up my face, stick out my tongue, etc.

I felt the same way. I left the MSLT feeling that there was no way that I fell asleep during any of the naps, because I just didn't "feel" asleep. Additionally, the "techs" that were running the show were all college kids, and they were so distracted and giggly that I actually had to get up and go find them when it was time for my last nap.

Lo and behold, my MSLT came back way abnormal and showed that I had fallen asleep EVERY TIME, despite what I was feeling, and that I had dropped into REM.

So, all I can say is that at the end of my MSLT, I was SURE that there was no way the test could have been worth anything. I had never had cataplexy (I thought), never had hallucinations, never fallen asleep inappropriately. But the tests came back and even with the giggly techs and the stupid distractions, the information came through.

I can't say for sure what your doc will do, but I certainly wouldn't send anyone home from a test early unless I was darn sure that I had all of the information that I needed. That's why they do multiple tests--because they know they can't plan on the same thing happening every time. I fell asleep really fast in all of my naps, but only dropped into REM twice out of five. If sleep latency time was the only qualifier, they wouldn't have been concerned on the REM and other stuff.

Hang in there. I know it's nerve racking. I'll be thinking of you.