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I Learn More In My Sleep Than I Did In High School.

Have you ever smacked the bejezus out of your self?(to stay awake)   7 members have voted

  1. 1. Have you ever smacked the bejezus out of yourself to stay awake, for instance while driving or taking a test?

    • Yes its my perfered medication (do it all the time)
    • Once. Didn't like it...(won't do again)
    • Never tried it...Never will

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People, De ja vu is real... this tells us that parallel universes are running 24/7 along side us... into the abyss.

Heres whats so cool about us narcolepts, (just one of the 1000's of things) We see these universes and come back to tell of their majesty...

But who will hear us when we tell them? Will they zone out and totally stop listening? (like we do when they're talking)(or like you might be doing while reading this)rolleyes.gif lol. Wake up! pay attention! this is important Narc info that is... Smack yourself if you have to? Can any body feel me when I say that

I used to have to smack the bejezus out of myself driving home to/from work, down a mountain... Meds wouldn't stop the auto-matic behavior...get it? auto?

rolleyes.gif Anyway... I'm still alive (Thank God)(Whoever the **** that is!?)

I don't get the big A.B. as much anymore... but I gotta remember that the next attack is right around the corner... Thats why I say... Smack yourself...

I look at it as "Spanking" my brain... If my brain gets to leaving my body and wandering off, and I spank it. lol. spank it. anyway, I spank it; right? then, it knows next time... Dont do that sh**. Right? its like a dog... you train it... you give it treats when it does good, Spank it when it wanders off...

Thats all it is, Its all I'm doing; same thing, only with my brain... It did wonders for me... One, not only can I come off as the most insane person ever, but It was also fun to explain to my employer why my cheeks were so red...

Do it. Give it a go...wink.gif I do it... or I have done it...

as far as a long term fix... you're sol... but I'm saying... for use in emergency situations... I.E. a Test, maybe you studied for it... cant stay awake, excuse yourself to the restroom, and go smack the s*** out of yourself... It works man... trust me... Adrenilin

Excuse me, I don't mean to be pressing the issue; b/c you really need to start smackin the s*** out of yourself is so fun...

ANd it Freaks people out! tongue.gif I love it!

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You should have a choice...smack myself but doesn't work!!!! Haha before I was on medication I used to do that and it wouldn't help at just made me look very weird! My friends would always laugh when I would do it though!

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