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Miss Perceptions About Narcolepsy

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Hey guys!!! I am working on writing a speech about people's perceptions and how we perceive people incorrectly, for example, people with N. So I am wondering what miss perceptions people have said to you about narcolepsy and how this has impacted your life? An example: people always ask me if I just fall asleep all the time... which I don't. I don't spend my whole day waking up and falling asleep. - this perception always just drives me nuts because I know that even before I was diagnosed my friends didn't see me falling asleep all the time (although I did quite a bit in class), it was more of the excessive daytime sleepiness and constantly tired.

Anyone who is willing to share any miss perceptions that they have faced and how it has impacted your life, it would be most appreciated! Thanks!

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i'll just give some without explanations. i'm having probs focusing much.

-we are lazy

-we dont' care

-we are selfish

-we are depressed

-we are crazy

-we are slobs

-we are overweight

-we are procrastinators

-we are underachievers

-we use the system

-we have a mental illness

okay, that's my list

too funny. my next post to look at was this one:

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