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Xyrem Addiction

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#41 Marcianna



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Posted 10 February 2010 - 06:53 AM

Pwn In Deutschland, I hope you didn't read me wrong, I wasn't implying that you got high off Xyrem it was actually someone else who mentioned that. Hence why I started a new paragraph.

#42 Saraiah



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Posted 10 February 2010 - 04:57 PM

Pwn In Deutschland, how are you doing at this point? Are you able to comply with the psychiatrist's decrease in your dosage of Xyrem? What about alcohol and any other meds or street drugs?

What's your plan for managing your time over the next two weeks till your next appointment? What will you be doing to keep yourself busy and keep your mood up? What's your plan for handling a crisis - did you work that out with the psychiatrist? How about some AA and NA meetings - great for keeping you honest and finding some real social support?

We all want you to make it through this period ok. Do some good planning now while you've got the resources to do it - and then stick to your plans. Let us know how it all goes.


#43 Henry G

Henry G


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Posted 13 February 2010 - 04:40 PM

Hi All,

I've been away because of no PC. BUt now got a new PC ..

I am glad reading Mee posts that her experience with Xyrem is non-addictive, despite her not suffering from cataplexy.

So here is the thing then.

Narcoleptics crave proper sleep, deep sleep. Doesn't matter how much you sleep - you are never really sleeping.

With some neuro-depressants: benzos, hypnotics, xyrem - what you could experience is bliss and euphoria, escaping the world.

So if at any moment you begin to slip in a dose - to escape your problems .. instead of following a strict discipline routine of taking it night times, then the real trouble starts.

This is very different (at least in my experience) with say stimulants. Because stimulants do not mask reality, makes life more comfortable, in fact it exarcebates reality - - so you can't escape reality in the same way.

With my Ambien / Zolpidem experience - there was that. When I had no money, no friends, no one, no activity .. but still the annoying narcolepsy - I began taking the Zolpidem/Ambien pills day time - to pass time.

Worse still, those sleeping meds induced euphoria. It felt very 'recreational'. I would experience weird trippy hallucinations, where I would chat with the furniture, and they would answer back telepathically.

So unlike say Ritalin - which is analogous to cocaine'- but without the pleasure. With stimulants I get no buzz and that is a good thing! You just stay more alert and awake

Ambien / Zolpidem has a later stage of blissful pleasure. Hence the abuse potential is huge, specially if you take that years on end. And if your life is very boring and un-entertaining.

The trouble with 4 years of taking Ambien and being a closet-addict. Is that it rewired my body, it created a massive craving whole in my brain.

And here is my fear for others:

That if you abuse Xyrem or sleep medication. Alcohol addiction will be your next step.

You will long for that feeling of 'oblivion'. So you wont' drink to savour, or to chill out - you will drink in huge quantities until you pass out. Because you will be craving that effect of 'switching off' from reality that those sleeping meds gave.

I know as Narcoleptics, sleeping is such a pain, nightmare.

But I don't know - if I ever had access to Xyrem - I would do this: take it only on emergencies instead of daily.

Please this is me. That is how I would train myself.

As a matter of fact I still take Ambien/Zolpidem. Like once in a blue moon. I get a prescription for 1 pill only - if say I have an extremely important commitment next day; and have been sleeping pretty crap recently.

I don't trust myself with a box in the house.

Long term sleep-inducing medication. Many Years on end. Not good in my opinion. In my body, because of my character, flaws weakness whatever.

As a Narcoleptic without Cataplexy I found neuro-depressants to be pretty dangerous.

Sure, I will have many crappy bad-sleep nights recurring forever.. fine.
But that is a better price to pay, than the Ambien/Zolpidem nightmare.
Where perpetual insomnia, cold turkey shocks .. months without being able to even sleep "crappily"

Really wish though, I could have access to Xyrem in the UK like this: Where I could take only 1 dose for important meetings next day. Because Ambien/Zolpidem makes me feel extremely awful next day. And apparently is not that efficient anyway (something to do with Delta waves). I get a feeling that Xyrem doesn't give so many bad side effects compared to Hypnotics.

Hugs to all.

#44 Pixiecatzzz



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Posted 24 October 2015 - 03:37 PM

I'm sorry so many have had such horrible issues with addiction to Xyrem. I have had terrible side effects, and finally my doctor has agreed to let me stop. My question is this: since I was only at the full dose for the last two weeks, do I need to worry about withdrawal? Last night was my first night without, and I don't feel great today. Not horrible, but not well. And, yes, I have narcolepsy without cataplexy!