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Please Help -Neurologist Los Angeles

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newbie here, desperate for recommendation of doc in Los Angeles.

mslt strongly suggests narcolepsy but since then have been shuffled from one inexperienced/annoying doc to another.

like others, it's taken me a lifetime to get to this point. so close yet so far.

stimulants (at least alone) are not answer for me.

recently tried provigil but the smart drug makes me dumb.

before, when psychiatrist thought adhd (not a bad guess) tried adderall, vyvanse & dex.

stimulants hv nearly paradoxical effect on me, even on high dose they turn me into a zombie.

dex was best of the bunch but and it was a big but amplified sleep paralysis and hours of what i call rabid dog-like delirium that followed.

assuming i have n which it appears i do (also hv cataplexy), I want to discuss/try xyrem under guidance of good doc.

my symptoms are worse than ever and need help.

Would be so grateful for recommendation of good neurologist in Los Angeles, someone who listens, is compassionate (or just doesn't treat me like a freak) and has real experience treating N.

thank you!!!

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