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A Cure?

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I am almost 25 now. I became very ill at the age of 14-15. At 16 I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Narcolepy. I have to take 200mg of modafinil daily in order to function.

For years I have been searching for a miraculous cure.

The thing that strikes me about CFS, ME and Narcolepsy as well as other sleep disorders is the difficulty in diagnosis. I have read so many people's struggles with mis-diagnosis, late diagnosis, doctor's not believing them and also the lack of obvious physical symptoms makes it difficult for others to comprehend. Some people even feel now or previously their illness(es) have been pigeon holed for the sake of labelling them. There are currently no treatments to cure these illnesses.

Recently I have read alot about a disease which causes many of the symptoms of the above illnesses.

My mother read an article in a magazine and posted it to me. I didn't hold much hope as I have spent over a decade seeking alternative treatments, miracle cures and anything to ease the struggle and feel well again. The article was factual and short. It was about a lady diagnosed with CFS who went private and by chance was tested for lyme disease. Due to the length of her illness she had 24 weeks of treatment but now is well again.

If you have any of the mentioned illnesses or know anyone with please do look at

and go through the check list.

It's a three page check list and I ticked all but ten, leaving some symptoms I did not understand with a question mark. I reside in the UK. With the article my mum sent me a note mentioning I was bitten by 3 ticks when I was 12 and they had to be removed by a doctor with an alcohol based substance. It is possible to get Lyme disease in the UK and 50% of people have no recollection of being bitten.

It is now 4:41pm in the UK. I have a doctors appointment at 7:15pm today. I am not sure how they will test for Lyme disease or sure of how they may treat it if I do have it. I have printed off the symptom list and notes from the website for my doctor and shall note back to let you guys know how I get on.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if many of us had an illness that could be cured and not one to face a lifetime struggle with. This may be nothing but may just also be a cure.

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