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"bad" Batch Of Xyrem?

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#1 Jenn23



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Posted 18 September 2009 - 11:25 PM

Hi all, I think this is my first post. Long time lurker. :)

Has anyone ever gotten a shipment of Xyrem that didn't work as well as it should? I'm wondering if that's what happened in my case, because my reaction to the medication has been completely different when I got my new shipment.

I have been taking Xyrem since June. Currently, I take 9g nightly - 5g for first dose, 4g for second dose. I had a lot of problems falling asleep after the first dose. Right before the shipment of last month's meds, I was taking 8g nightly (4 and 4). I was instructed to up the dose to 9g. I still had trouble falling asleep after dose one. It would take over an hour.

When I got my new shipment on Friday, everything changed. After my first dose, I was out within 20-30 minutes. That's fine with me, that's what should be happening, but it took me by surprise. I fell asleep right on my laptop keyboard. I even had a night where I slept through the second dose. I usually don't have to set an alarm - my body wakes itself up.

Is this just a coincidence? I'm glad sleep is coming faster, but such a drastic change overnight makes me wonder.

Thanks for reading!

#2 Katlynran



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Posted 18 September 2009 - 11:43 PM

I really don't know but it is a really good question....The only thing I could think that may have been different is what you ate, or didn't eat for that matter. I am sure you know that food, especially fatty foods really affect the effectiveness of Xyrem. Glad to hear it's working better for you.

Glad to see you post B)

I have had experience when it didn't work as well as I expected, like, I was laying waiting to fall asleep, and normally I am out!

#3 Mike M

Mike M


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Posted 19 September 2009 - 10:07 PM

I too would encourage you to look at your food schedule and your sleep schedule. If those things are the same as they have always been, you might want to consider if your stress level has changed. Many of the nights when I am too anxious about _________ (fill in the blank with anything) I find that I can fight the first dose - sometimes until my second dose. I have been on Xyrem for over two years and have had occasional periods when my Xyrem works less well or better, but I truly think it is tied to my own biorhythms. Good luck working on this. Also, consider calling the nurse line at the Success Program. Hang in there! I too am glad you have posted.

#4 ZZZbeautyfoundprincephilip



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Posted 21 September 2009 - 10:24 AM

i've noticed that when i get a dose increase it usually takes awhile to take effect. such as the first time i take that dose is not as effective as the 10th time i take the same dose. i thought that was how it worked... like training your body to sleep deeper quicker. i don't know all this stuff is so confussing on my tired, tired brain. lol