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My Brothers and Sisters,

It has been an absolute honor to share this precious part of cyberspace with you. I know I am not the only on who has both laughed and cried at my monitor because of this very site. I've seen this site grow, as I have grown also. I've seen lives changed, and mine has certainly not been spared from these kinds of changes.

I am as uncertain about the direction the Narcolepsy Network will take, and I am equally puzzled about my own direction. I'm left with the hopes of what my motto has been before I ever stepped in to this forum; What we think about, we bring about.

With this said, know that I am thinking of every member of this forum being blessed with unspeakable joy. I am imagining you with a treasure chest of triumphs over the challenges this condition presents to us everyday.

I would hope one simple mission could be proudly shared among us; a better life for all who have been affected by this condition. Please take a moment to enjoy the thought if this one shared mission I hope we have.

While rumors have grown regarding my departure, Now is not the time for petty back-biting and he-said-she-said. This energy spent will not help the newly diagnosed teenager trying to get through college. It's not going to help the young mother to be who has to worry about a change in medication. It's not going to help the 7yr old who has been fed a steady diet of a medication to address a misdiagnosis. It's not going to help the person who falls helpless while enjoying God's wonderful gift of laughter. Please take a moment of your time and enjoy a thought about what would help these people.

I wish success for this organization.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I will be thinking about you.

Love & Prayers

-Stu Carpenter

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