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This whole thing has gotten way out of hand, and now everyone is suffering for it. Since when are we all out to get one another?

This is not the sense of community that we have ever had, and I know that we are all above doing. It has to stop.

What happened with the NN and GB47... is between the NN and GB47. He is very cherished friend to us. Yes, we will miss him as webmaster and how things were ran here. But it is not our decision. The NN has chosen to go a diffrent way, and in a business sense they of course have every right to do so. Stu is fine. Not disgruntled. it was a mutual decision for him to go. He is now making new choices for his life. And it is his life so he deserves to run it as he sees fit.

No one can take that from him, regardless of you opinion of it. And I support him.

Stu's Departure and the Mods choosing to leave are two very seperate issue's.

The Mod's did not Abandon you and follow him out of some sort of twisted loyalty pact.

We are all very good friends, and because we are good friends we support each others decisions.

The Mods Had thier own reasons for going. ITs not like we are dead and gone. You can still talk to us all even Stu.

We have always loved and cherished you guys as individuals. That did not go away.

I stated I would not be posting again, yet here I am still trying to play Moderator right now and help to keep the peace for us all.

Old habits die hard....

There is so much I want to say after the last few days of chaos I dont even know where to start. Or even if I should say any of it.

But I am going to.

I was very hurt by the situation that led to the Mods leaving. not up for discussion by the way, it is between us and NN.

It has nothing to do with anyone or anything, I am sure you are all currently safe in the hands of the new system.

I ask that you please give them a chance during this transition.

Any way, like I said, I was very hurt. I still am. I made a choice that was best for me at the time.

It is still best for me at this moment, and I ask you all to please respect that.

I am sure in time wounds will heal... I am not opposed to coming back some day.

The most important thing I want to get across to all of you is this: I have absolutley NO ILL WILL towards the NN as a whole.

I love these forums and the community it has brought to all of us. I love the information the website has to share,

I love the research being done, the conferences and the meetings and all that goes with it.

I speak for myself, I left for my OWN reasons.

I will not ask any of you to follow me anywhere. Im not going anywhere. Im simply going away for a while I need to heal and take care of myself.

My only new endeavors for the future are starting to get MOONS Ohio up and going around the first of the year, but that is not news. I have been looking into that for months now. All this talk about me lying and sabbotaging the NN has only hurt me more and cost me some very dear friends. I am very hurt and angry about it. So where my healing should have begun by now, I am instead now having to tend to new wounds. I am not even sure how I got them they came out of no where.

Please everyone stop looking at this organization and that organization and the other one over there as combating enemies. We are all here for the same purpose, to educate, support and help each other in anyway we can. Stop seeing Tas as "Tracy's" group, or Slumber Society as "Linda's" group or NN as "Sharon and Tricia." or anyone else Im forgetting. We are all groups with the same goals just diffrent ways of doing it. No one is better than the other. We all have faults and strength's. This is not a contest.

There are lots of organizations out there. we all just need to find what is the right fit for ourselves. And just because you live in one town, does not mean you cant go visit some friends in another. There is no Gangster style war for the Narcolepsy Turf. All PWN's should be respected and welcome. The things that are happening now, are absolutely breaking my heart. We are all so much better than this.

We were all new here once, keep in mind the newcomers to this site, they need help they need answers not chaos and drama.

We need to be able to reach out and help each other not turn each other away...

They are all likely confused enough... I know I was when I was newly diagnosed.

I am hearing alot of people are deciding to not go to the conference. I am not going but only because I cant afford it and I dont feel right asking for a scholarship right now. It would be wrong for me to accept money from them at this point when they could be helping some one new who really needs it. Just because I am not going, or others are not going for whatever reason, does not mean that you shouldnt.

Dont base your lives and on others opinions make the decision for yourself. The conference is a wonderful way to meet people who have the same issues as you do, same concerns, same problems with meds, lots of the same things. Its wonderful to meet and laugh and cry with people you know really understand. Even if for whatever reason, you are not happy with the NN, that does not mean that the speakers wont have useful information with you. You could possibly have the oppurtunity to take part in research, group discussions, raffles and such things. Dont alienate yourself from this sense of community, based on someone elses life. I was on the Conference Committee till recently, great progress has been made and I am actually sad I wont be able to make it. I really think it will be fun.

I urge you all to at least consider your decisions carefully.

I really need some time folks. I dont want to come back here for a while, absolutly no offense, as I said this whole thing is really tearing me up...

I am not going to respond to this post, at least not for a long time. I have no intentions of starting some long drawn out forum argument here. I just want everyone to be happy and feel safe and appreciated...

If you would like to communicate with me I absolutley welcome it, but please email me to do so.

I would not like to discuss the matters of my private life in the open.

I am always willing to help any of you. Please know this.

I wish you all peace,


Marcia Coy

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Sweet girl, you're not answering the phone. I'm home. I'll try again and again. I should have been here earlier. ANSWER THE PHONE.

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