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Time To Pony Up Folks - We Pwn's Need $ To Send Nyx To The Sleep Conf

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Hey Nyx and all -

I'm in for $100. Just let me know where to send the check!

Everybody, don't you have a question that your doctor can't or won't answer? Even for those of us living on disability (including me, at the moment), is there some luxury that you can give up just once? The $5 lunch at McDonald's, or the $8 movie that you see once a month? If we all give up just a little, we are ALL going to end up getting a LOT in terms of understanding so much more about our disease.

Think of it this way - you chip in a little bit, and you have just a little bit of risk (of losing your money for nothing - which I at least am 100% sure won't happen). And you have a TREMENDOUS amount that you will gain. Whenever you've got that kind of risk:gain ratio, you've got to seize the opportunity!



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Just wanted to say if i wasn't trying to get funds together myself to go to my first Narcolepsy conference here in Australia next month That i would love to help Nyx out.

But what i can do, although i don't have the background that Nyx does, is try and relay any of the information i get back to you guys too

The conference has been organised by the NODDS foundation of Australia so any other Aussies should check it out

The short version of the program for the conference in melbourne is as follows with a Q&A session at the end so if theres any questions you have related to any of the topics post them here and i'll do my best to get us some answers

Professor Dorothy Bruck

–Course of narcolepsy, diagnosis criteria, psychosocial implications

Dr Bernadette Moore

– Narcolepsy, memory and attention

Professor Claudio Bassetti

– Latest research on cause of narcolepsy and management of the


Dr Phil King

– Focus on auxiliary symptoms including parasomnias

4 workshop discussion groups

· Professor Dorothy Bruck– issues for patients (1)

· Dr Bernadette Moore- issues for patients (2)

· Dr Gerard Kennedy – issues for family/ spouses/ relatives (1)

· Dr Michelle Ball – issues for family/ spouses/ relatives (2)

Cheers and goodluck Nyx hope you get there as the more information we can get the better especially from someone like yourself who can make sense of it for the rest of us :)

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