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How To Have Friends At All????

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#21 Marcianna



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Posted 12 February 2010 - 06:56 PM

Hmmmm. interesting interesting.

Everything that everyone is saying is very useful here. but when it actually comes to putting things into action it is all more difficult than it seems.

I had one of those "Last Straw" moments yesterday. And it was 15 years over due. I was SOOOO angry and felt SOOO betrayed by someone who has been my friend since High School, that I really had to re evaluate our entire friendship. And what it came down to was this: I let that chic walk all over me from day freaking one. Because I never had the spheres to stick up for myself. It was just easier to let things go than to deal with it and risk being alone. This girl has used me, slept with my exBF AND my brother, lied to me repeatedly and used my N as a subject of her amusement and for the amusement of people I never event met. Why did I let her do this? Easy. It is easier to keep a friend for the sake of the history between you than it is to make new ones who might actually care. With all our disappointments and betrayals in life... we are simply to afraid to let others in. Especially for those of us who are home bound like myself. I am constantly worried of becoming a burden on others.

I was so angry last night I went on a crazy drunken rampage on my blog. (If you cant handle the language then I dont suggest reading it) I DO NOT like being that angry about anything.

I am going to go with a new approach now. I dont know if it will work, but by doing so I am embracing one of my many fears. Being Alone. I am done with the friend thing. Done completely.

Now I am not referring to internet friends, you guys are still cool. I mean the Real to life physical ones who you hang out with, and gossip about jersey shore with. go to the Mall with.
I am not concerned about becoming antisocial, thanks to technology I am unlikely to go nuts doing this. I still have all my contact on various sites for the sake of conversation. But from now on I don't have to worry about getting too close anymore. I think at this point of time that is a good thing.

Like I said I have no idea if this will work, but for the time being I dont have to put to much energy into these Real life idiots that surround me. I dont need it.
Some times you just cant fix stupid. So... The shop is closed till further notice...

#22 Henry G

Henry G


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Posted 13 February 2010 - 04:50 PM

I am personally OK with friends.

But what I have give up absolutely and completely is the idea of ever having a girlfriend.

That would be just impossible.

Kinda of sad really. Cos the kissing part is nice, cooking a nice dinner . . entering her room without knocking , catching her naked

Damn Narcolepsy GRRRR !!