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Fetal Regression

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This is about my N/C from the worst days at the beginning...sometime circa 1998. it's even got HH and SP. Sleepless...can you find the Native American reference? ;) Enjoy!



In fetal regression

I have forgotten

Floating marble frozen

Falling like cotton

In Statuesque


I cannot fight

Laws of gravity

Feel it close

Slow-winding vice

Around my mind

Like hands of ice

He comes around

To knock on wood

To knock on steel

He comes for blood

Like a stalker

Waits for me

In the corner of the ear

You cannot see

Calls my name

Beckons me home

In the death bed

Steals my soul

Behind the eyes

Losing time

Losing the battle?

Losing my mind!

The time is not near

No choice but to see

All these deliberations

Cannot set me free

Icy concrete,

Blistered feet

Bruised by so dark

And empty streets

Rain pours down

Oppressing me to sleep

As if Heaven felt enough

For me to weep.


In the fetal regression of my mind

The curl was not reflex from assault

But evidence of my plight

I am strapped to the ground

My wings are soaked with oil

That eats through plastic bags

Preventing my flight


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