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sleepless sleeper

I Have Some Friends

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I wrote this while going to sleep last night . I had to write the words to get them out of my head so that I could go to sleep:

I have some friends

that make me want to fall down to the ground and be thankful for them.

I have some friends

that lift me up to the heavens when I say that I want to see the stars.

I have some friends

that always put their hands on my back and pat it gently when I cry.

They hold my heart as if it were the most precious thing,

even when it is black.

Oh Lord, my friends...

My friends are a blessing.

My friends are a heavenly miracle.

Why God gave them to me is becoming clearer every day:

Because I don't think I could be sane without them.

Who else will listen to me make my stupid jokes and then listen to me laugh at myself?

Who else will listen to me make my 10 foot tall speeches

and stick around to pull me out of the mud when it bogs down my hope?

I have friends that actually laugh with me instead of just at me.

Oh my God, my Lord, I have some friends

that carry me in my time of need and they are strong.

I have so many good friends.

My friends will let me hug them and send them e-kisses.

I have friends that are my sun and moon and my stars.

They care for me in my Narcolepsy Crazy.

They care for me during my waking dreams and my forever dreams.

They care for my heart.

They care for my soul.

And they care for my hope.

My God, Why have I been so blessed?

What am I to give them?

What should I do in return?

What can I do that equals their greatness?

The only thing that I can do,

and all that I have done.

I want to give them the same in return,

...and they let me.

I want to lift you up to Heaven to see the stars.

I want to care for your heart, your soul, and your hope.

I want to listen and to know your dreams.

I want to sit by your side when you cry and place my hand on your back and pat it till you can cry no more.

I want to laugh at your stupid jokes with you (and also at you.)

And I also want to hold you heart because it is so very precious to me.

Lord, I have some friends, and they are the most amazing people.

I truly, deeply love each of you.

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What a beautiful post. As someone who appreciates everything that you do, I hope you continue to be you!

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I really feel the same way about everyone in this forum. :) I could NOT have written anything that beautiful though!

Thanks for sharing it with us!

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That was very nice to hear from you guys because I was embarrassed to post it. It was stream of consciousness (surprise - from me, who would have known), and that is the way that it first came out. I was half asleep and couldn't sleep until i put it on paper. When I went to type it, i just winced and typed as quickly as I could so that I wouldn't pay attention to it. I knew that if i did pay attn that I would edit, delete it as i do everything else. I did go back and clean up a lot of typos. Thanks again for letting me know that y'all appreciated it. I don't get that often, so it was a HUGE spirit lift.

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