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sleepless sleeper

Awesome Sport Choctaw Stickball

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This is from a previous post of mine today. I just wanted to make sure that more people saw it, so I'm reposting with its on heading:

Speaking of fighting, look what I found while searching around on the internet. This link is to a video of Choctaw stickball:

If I were a guy and a few years younger I would be right in the middle of it getting bloody as anyone of them. It beats la crosse, football, soccer, boxing, hockey, any day. I looked at a video of eastern Cherokee stickball afterwards, and maybe it was just that video, but it seemed a bit tame in comparison. I have a nephew that plays tight end on an NFL team... I wonder if he'd make it playing this sport. He's 6'5" and 260 of lean muscle. If I ever go back to MS I'll have to get my sister and her family to go see it in action. I'm going to make a separate post of this because this game is just too awesome.

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