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Spinning Out Of Control

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#1 LindsayR



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Posted 20 February 2009 - 11:03 PM

Hey, my name is Lindsay and I just joined the group here and on MySpace. I was diagnosed with N a year ago, but have had it for over ten years, and recently I went back to school. I'm also working two jobs. I thought it would be okay cause my meds were working well, but it's killing me. I wan to go to radiology school, but it's a full time program and if I quit my main job I lose my insurance which pays for most of my medication. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions about forms of aid I could look into to help with school, medication, and insurance? Any ideas will be appreciated. I don't really know that much about disability, medicaid, or vocational rehab. Pointers would also be helpful.

#2 merrymom1013



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Posted 21 February 2009 - 01:27 PM

Lindsay, if you are working 2 jobs & going to school, you probably don't have much chance getting approved for disability. Can you keep your main job & quit your 2nd job? Is there a part time school option? You may try contacting your state voc rehab program & see if you qualify for any services through them. They may be able to help with school if you aren't able to continue your main job because of the narcolepsy. As a full time student could you qualify for student insurance through the school?

#3 dogdreams



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Posted 21 February 2009 - 06:46 PM

Sorry I don't have much advice. I know how it is...I went back to college at age 26 (I dropped out years earlier because of N.) I went to school full time, worked part time, and had a baby right in the middle of it who I had to take to work and school with me because I couldn't afford daycare. How I got through 3 years of that, I'll never know. By then I'd found ways to manage my N, but it was worse towards the end of it for various reasons.

You'd have to stop working to get disability, and that's most likely a bad option. I know it would have been for me. Especially since applying takes so long before finally getting approved. Maybe there's someone in a student disability office in the administrative offices that can help you with what options are available to you.