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Going Under

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I didn't really like this band when they came out, but I heard this song today and it seems to perfectly reflect the mood I feel as I'm writing a song about how much I hate sleep docs called "Suffer to Sleep". I've been writing mismatched lyrics down on a post-it and hiding it in my jeans pocket. I guess I'm kind of embarrassed or shy to have anyone read it. I don't think my song will sound as angry or cool, especially on an acoustic guitar, but it certainly carries the same sentiment.

This song is pretty much how I feel after every sleep doc appointment which is why I have solemnly vowed to myself never to go to another one as long as I live. The video doesn't seem to fit the whole N thing for me at first, but the part where she's swimming under water is like my C and SP, and the distorted faces...HH. And when she says she can't tell what's real anymore...that's not just HH for me, it's also the wildly contradictory statements I hear from doctors and how they get me to doubt myself so completely when it's actually me that's right in the end. Always. I made myself better, and I hate them for making me suffer so long.

Enjoy or commiserate...

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