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I Just Did My Mslt Today!

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Posted 07 March 2009 - 01:12 AM

QUOTE (lespring @ Feb 9 2009, 08:05 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Ha! I slept during every nap (and was asleep within 2 minutes each time) and then was dozing off in between naps. LOL

Ha! I slept everytime also...first time within 2 minutes, the next 3 within 30 seconds. and REM every one.

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Posted 31 August 2009 - 12:08 AM

I had my tests on Friday and I am terrified of what the result will be. Why must I wait so long? I don't know what my latency was and I did not fall asleep for nap 5, I think because my mind was racing. I am so scared they are going to tell me to stop being lazy.

Nap #3 was very interesting. I was on tech #3 for that test as well and he was a bit more informative than the previous 2. When he came in after waking me up he mentioned he saw the REM on that one. I had a dream that I had left the sleep center with all the wires still attached and was driving home. It was so real and I was so conscious of it that I got scared, finally realized it was a dream, and had to wake myself up. My heart was pounding. I'm curious what my vitals were for that little episode.

I think they caught me on a good day. I wonder if I can demand another sleep study if these results are inconclusive.

I don't know yet if I have C. I just came off of Effexor and I have been trying to be more aware of my behavior during extreme emotional situations, but it turns out I don't ever have any. I think it's partially from the Effexor and partially from over the years training myself not to have extreme responses to anything because in the past it's been too extreme (mostly anger - very ugly). I do remember being very exhausted and having to sit and rest or even sleep for a few hours when I was younger and would have my bad tantrums.

My newest thing has been Restless Legs which I am not sure is related to the N at all. At least, I think it's restless legs. I get a sensation that hot needles are being driven deep into my legs. It's not all over, just one spot at a time and sometime I feel it in my butt or lower back and not just my legs. It's most often in my calves. I'm curious if it showed up on the PSG or MSLT. The only relieve is to actually move my legs. Rubbing, slapping, or scratching don't work.

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Posted 31 August 2009 - 09:15 PM

Hey Stacy,

Don't worry too much about it. Just because they didn't see REM as it was going means nothing. REM is actually kindof hard to identify the first time through anyways, and you only have to REM in 2 or 3 naps anyways to get the N diagnosis. You don't have to REM long, one epoch will do (1 epoch=30 seconds).

As for the C, I can totally identify with the suppression of emotion leading to fewer, if any triggers. Not that the triggers are not there, but they are harder to set off almost. I hope you don't have C, but if you do the only way to really diagnose it is through surveys and feedback, there is no "test" for it like a PSG.

I have to go real quick, I'll add to this later!

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Posted 01 September 2009 - 02:54 PM

I was told that I slept on my first few naps and that dreams registered, but I thought that I was awake. When I know for sure that I dreamed, they said that I didn't hit REM. Odd. I told them that I was dreaming, otherwise, what would explain the family that I didn't know coming into the lab room to brush their teeth? I had problems brushing mine and had to use their toothpaste.