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Just so Stu won't feel lonely, here's a cover of Aimee Mann's "You're With Stupid Now" that I did a few years ago with my old band. I'm singing and playing the smoother-sounding guitar that sounds like it's kind of on the right. My band-mate was trying to imitate Ms. Mann's style with his guitar and we had trouble meshing. This band was fun...we even played the Roseland Theater in Portland, OR. That was a thrill.

I used to play professionally, but had to quit when my N got bad. I wasn't sure if I'd be falling down on stage and I couldn't stay awake late enough to do gigs, so I quit. Plus I had been a music major in college for awhile and was kind of burned out. So I don't do much anymore, although I am kinda working on a Lucinda Williams song lately. And KT Tunstall...a bit trickier. Just for fun. I did write an instrumental last year, and if I get it recorded, I'll post it here.

Anyway, enjoy!! :)


[a million thanks to Stu for getting up on the web for me!!]

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Very cool! That's a great song! Aimee Mann...mmmm *blush*

I put it aside for a long time...I thought I just couldn't do it anymore. Meanwhile, anger built up inside of me. I finally figured out it wasn't me who wanted to hang it up...and it wasn't even my narcolepsy. It was a sort of situational depression. Eventually I dug my heals in to the ground, and decided I wasn't goig to hand over the things in life I REALLY lived for!

Not saying that's your sitch...just saying it was mine :)

Musicians are pretty quick to find out I speak their lingo...I'll do most anything for "one of us" :)

Recording...production...playing...you name it, I'm easy that way!

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Thanks. My problem isn't a lack of desire but when I sit down it just doesn't flow. I have such a hard time writing now, even though I try. I used to write for hours and hours every week when I was younger but now it's just kind of ... dead I guess. I get so excited at work when I hear a song I think I can play, and I fantasize about performing it all day. It's like taking a CNS stimulant. I get really hyper.

I suppose part of the problem is not having a quiet space I can go to whenever I need to, somewhere away from the family, to just 'noodle' until something sounds good. I'm so embarrassed to play in front of my family and I have to deal with my 4 yr old wanting to play his own toy guitar and interact with me every time I pick up mine. It's sweet and I encourage him, but totally counterproductive to writing. I need hours to focus without distraction. Shoot, I can't even practice Tai Chi at home, so it's just learning covers for me for now.

Maybe when he's older... :rolleyes:

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