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Tax Credits And Dla You Must Read.

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I wonder how many people know that if you do get DLA it means you get extra Working Tax Credits too, eg. if you get lower or middle rate care DLA you get an extra £2400 per year tax credit, if you get higher rate care DLA it's even more than that.

If you don't work, but your partner claims WTC for both of you, or for the family, you also get the extra. You and/or your partner need to be working at least 16 hours a week, and earn less than £15,000 to qualify. I'm not sure if you get the disability element for yourself if you only get Child Tax Credit and not Working Tax Credit, but you do get the disability element if you have a child who qualifies for DLA and you get Child Tax Credit.

To find out if you might qualify, there's a really handy Tax Credits calculator here:


BUT you MUST inform Tax Credits if you get DLA Care, it doesn't get added to your Tax Credits automatically.

If you have been getting DLA for some time, but didn't realise you could get extra Tax Credits, don't worry, find out the date you got awarded DLA from, then ring Tax Credits and tell them, it will get backdated right to when you first started getting DLA.

If you get DLA and your partner gets WTC you are also entiltled to an NHS excemption card for dentist, eye tests, prescriptions.

Give them a call, I did and I am getting mine back dated.

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