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In August my doctor sent in a request for some accomodations with my job. I am an RN that works for my state in DMRS-which is all about helping folks manage disabilities.

I was told to also write a letter to the director of our region stating my needs. I requested to work from home two-three days per week; this would be easy to do. I explained that

my problems are mostly to do with driving, and from my home to my office is one hour. By working from home, I could visit the agencies that I work with-two of which

is only 30 miles from my home and not a problem for me to get too. My husband is retired and would drive me to the other agencies that are further away.

Also, my driving is fine the first of the week it is toward the end when I am really tired that I have any problems. Well, he never responded! I am actually doing this, and

my boss knows that I am, but in a time when all one hears is about possible lay offs; I want to have it in writing. My boss is very supportive, and I know that my work is

good and always on time, but as a long time employee I think that I have a right to this request. Anyone else had this problem? I have disability insurance and probably

six months of leave time, but I love my job; I just need a little help.

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