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My Very Own Reality Check

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#1 Marcianna



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Posted 13 October 2008 - 02:22 PM

Ok I was randomly cruisin through You tube today, thought I would look up narcolepsy in case any of our speakers were there from the conference, and I was floored how many video's there were. Of course there are the music videaos and a few awareness videos, but the amount of videos where people either did not know what they were talking about, or simply being ASSES and making fun of us were HUGE. I was and still am... So mad!!!!
I just felt sooo defeated. like we can raise awareness all we want, and explain that cataplexy is "not randomly falling asleep" till our ears bleed , but the sad fact is that Most people dont WANT to be educated. It is easier to be ignorant and laugh. I honestly believed that By me being Narcoleptic I could live my life and be a good example and Try to make everone understand. I mean of course they dont get it right? The docs dont know enough about us yet even. So we explain it the best we can.

Then suddenly I realized.... We are just another Catagory of people to make fun of.
You know what I mean, Like the blonde jokes and the polish jokes and the asian jokes, and the down syndrome jokes and the black jokes. None of these are even remotely funny, but you hear them. EVERYWHERE. and from very early on too. Research and education is not going to get us out of it. We are doomed to be FUNNY. Whatever the hell that means.

I know that sometimes on the boards I will say something sarcastic or try to make light of something Like my thread about the good thing about being Narcoleptic, But I'm not making fun of us at all. I'm just trying to take a diffrent perspective some times.... Now I seriously question my judgement on that.... But the idea that any one of my "friends" would scare me just to put me on YOUTUBE, is degrating at best. Seriously if that were to happen to me The next time I fell down I would land on that persons throat with a hammer. And I would think it's so funny I would do it over and over again.

I'm totally not in a good mood today.

#2 angellus



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Posted 13 October 2008 - 04:31 PM

yes if it was done to me.. i dont think that would go over well.

I can tell you why they do it.

People laugh when other people fall down.

#3 Ashley



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Posted 01 November 2008 - 05:04 PM

And people are inconsiderate and evil.

#4 sleepless sleeper

sleepless sleeper


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Posted 10 March 2009 - 09:11 PM

And I always thought that I was sooo hilarious, but people don't seem to get my jokes. It's good to know that they really were laughing.

#5 eightlegs



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Posted 10 March 2009 - 09:24 PM

Oh yeah.. don't get me started... there are several complete "gag" videos out there... one got me so mad I left a comment .. and their response? "go take a nap"... ugh.. yeah, seriously irks me...

#6 dogdreams



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Posted 10 March 2009 - 09:28 PM

People are jerks and there's no way around it. When given the opportunity, they'll make fun of anything like the ignorant fools they are. What can you do? Nothing.

Try not to get too upset because it's really nothing you will ever have even a modicum of control over. You're right about one thing: we're just another group to make fun of. And most people don't really understand N and won't ever get it. I have coworkers and bosses in my life that couldn't comprehend no matter what I did or said. And that's just how it is. That's not to say that more education and awareness isn't warranted. But I learned to stop getting so mad about fake PWN in crappy movies like "Deuce Bigelow Male Jigelow" a long time ago. I hear he was nice to her, but that wasn't the point. Someday I'll have to just watch the danged movie to see for myself, but I used to tirade against it when it came out and boycotted it. rolleyes.gif

Then there's movies like "Shrek" where Sleeping Beauty does have N/C and she's absolutely wonderful in a hillarious way. I love how she saves the day with falling-down C. I laughed my arse off. She's my hero.

So, did you find any NN conference videos?

#7 sleepless sleeper

sleepless sleeper


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Posted 10 March 2009 - 10:04 PM

That was really bad, wasn't it? I couldn't help myself.

Yes, the videos that you're talking about are mean, but Angellus is also right. Humans can be a sick bunch, but humanity is within most of us. Hopefully the latter will prevail.

When I was in ninth or eighth grade, a friend of mine and I walked up behind a boy, and I slid my foot under one of his as he picked it up to continue walking. He was going up steps and fell. He got really mad and turned around to hit what I guess that he thought was another guy, but saw it was two blond popular girls laughing saying how very sorry they were. He knew it wasn't true but walked away without saying a word. That was more than 25 years ago and I still remember it as though it happened last week. I can't believe I was so cruel at the expense of another person. He really got hurt falling down the steps, but it was hilarious at the time for us. Payback for me was to not get it out of my head after this many years.

The other day I went to a website that I think was titled Diversity Inc. It's a company that seems to have been created by one or two white men whose purpose is to help eliminate racism, sexism, etc, in the work force. There is a list of things to not ask coworkers in the workplace if... such as if they are of African descent, etc, along with what is okay to say and ways to maybe help eliminate negative attitudes through appropriate conversation. I was happy to see that there was a list for what not to say to a White Man. In it, there is information that talks to people that are not white or male and states to remember that if a white male coworker says something that is offensive to remember that the words, thought process may not be the same, etc., they've never experienced what you have and had no idea that you'd be offended, etc. , to talk it out, etc. Well, this ties in to the videos. Narcolepsy is SO very misunderstood, and I may be evil for this, but it is funny when people fall down. It is NOT funny if it is because of a disability, but because N has no visible physical manifestations it may be hard for others to quite get it. These people are not educated to understand Narcolepsy in the "outside" world. I don't think that anyone will ever get it. It is frustrating. And it makes me want to hate myself more sometimes just because of who I am. We have no control over what has become of us. What's said is that there is no "pride" that we can take in ourselves as a collective whole. What are we to be proud of? The fact that we fall down when startled? That we can't unpack groceries without having a cataplectic episode?

But then again, I've made a post regarding HenryG's Swarm Theory. I poked fun of our condition by saying that his theory may have an opposite effect and all of us would end up on the floor snoozing. I asked to take bets on the time frame odds. It is funny to me. I don't know, though, sexism is continued by females using inappropriate names for one another, as is racism, etc.