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The Grace Of Gratitude...

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It's not Thanks giving yet.

( Actually I dont even really celebrate that holiday, I eat at someones house for there amusement and to visit with family or friends.... And I do that all year round. )

And though it is not The holidays, I am busting out with this thread anyhow, because I am feeling especially blessed here lately.

I want to highly encourage you all to really take a look at yourselves and your lives and realize that though things are not always going well there is always some highlight to the moment. Even if that is simply having someone there to share the pain. Hopefully though many of you are having a wonderful spell at this time! I am inviting you all to share what you are thankful for in your lives. Sometimes it is the kind of thing you dont even realize till someone brings it up. And that is why I am here!

Another excellent Idea I have for you all is to keep this sense of graciousness going in a blog. We Have them for us and if you are interested then by all mean contact Stu (greatbig47) he would be more than happy to hook you up with that sort of thing. And of course you are all welcome to read mine, the link is in my profile...

I will start off by saying that things have not been right in my life for a VERY long time. And I am extremely thankful for those friends who have stuck by me through all this and have tried so very hard to encourage me to do the right thing. Some times I just cant see it, and wont listen. That being said I am especially thankful for The ONE person who did manage to drag me out of my shell long enough to really see how bad things were. I am finally making positive changes and expect things to be running smoothly here very soon. I guess some times you just have to take a few steps back and evaluate yourself. In my case it was a couple hundred miles.

Anyhow, I am in a very good mood about it all today, wanted to share, and would like to here from you too!

Lets try to keep this topic to the front lines. I think it is something we all need to be a part of.

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I am thankful for so much, even as I ride out a four week "slump" (which WAS interrupted by an amazing weekend in Milwaukee). I know that many things bless me daily. I have a beautiful home (and it is actually getting even better as we get new windows and siding and doors). I also have a tremendous family. My parents love me and always have. While they have their quirks (and certainly don't fully "get" my narcolepsy), they continue to support me in their own way. My sister and her husband are fantastic, and my in-laws are amazing.

The best things in my life, though, are my support systems. I have a great network of support at my job. I am also a part of a Men's Group that has helped my throughout my crazy health struggles. The friendship and support that I have found in the Minnesota MOONS (Midwest Organization of Narcolepsy Support) group, online through Facebook and MySpace, and here at the Narcolepsy Network has allowed me to find much more strength and balance in my life. And, the most important people in my life (who are my greatest blessing) are my wife and daughter. They both tolerate me even when I am at my worst. No one loves me more than they do, and no one is luckier than I am to have them in my life.

The final two thing for which I have gratitude may seem odd to some. I am tremendously thankful for my blog. I started it in April of 2008, and it has played a huge role in my ability to accept my narcolepsy. I am still hoping that Stu will sent me up with a Narcolepsy Network blog (and help me migrate my current blog to the new one). It is just incredibly rewarding to both write about and have people read about my life with narcolepsy (if you are interested, my blog is The second strange item of gratitude? My narcolepsy. While it is certainly frustrating and awful, I also know that this disease has help me to become far more grounded. Without it, I doubt that I would have been able to realize how important the core aspects of my life truly are. I treasure every moment with my wife and daughter because the narcolepsy limits me. Thus, I am far more present and mindful. I relish every second. I hope others will post here. Marcianna, this is yet another brilliant idea of yours!

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I'm thankful for the amazing moderators we're blessed with.

I'm blessed with 2 amazing daughters...They keep me on my toes.

My wife is amazing...She kept me believing in myself when it was clear no one else did. When my family (yeah...all of them) wanted nothing to do with me, she knew there was something better in me.

I love being a major force in the "Network" part of the Narcolepsy Network. It keeps me feeling like I'm doing something good.

Life could be finished off by being thankful for everything, and maybe that is what makes us better people in life's process.


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I am hugely thankful for reuniting with my dear friend from HS. He is such a huge help to me lately. and so supportive. I mentiond this in another post before. But seriously, I am not seeing alot of thankful people here.... so whats the dealio? anyone? just us few? :huh:

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I am thankful I was reminded that I should be thankful ...

I should be ashamed I can't quiet remember yet what I should be thankful for. Because my mind was dwelling elsewhere, darker realms.

But I am not ashamed or guilty - and for that I am thankful.

So I am thankful I should practice that part of my imagination - recollecting what I should be thankful for

It's coming.... I can do this ... mmmmm


- it is a joy to post free form here, really, really thanks

And you all seem very nice - thanks

And I still can "see" -

I fear losing my vision, but fear is a waste of an emotion.

Realizing the present is what matters - I am thankful.

The future hasn't happen. The present matter. And look I still can type fast waheey - thank you.

And the letters are tiny. I haven't magnified them. So when I feel God is with me, I can see beyond my eyes - thank you.

I am mostly humbled by all of you, I want to learn from you all - thank you.

You people are a light at the end of the tunnel.

And no, that light is not a fast train approaching.

You give me hope. I am not so alone as I could fall into believing - so thanks.

Here: I thought I was immune to becoming an alcoholic.

So I was downing 1 bottle of wine a day.

The ex-lodger went back to China and left a crate of over a dozen bottle of wines.

I was downing 1 bottle of wine a day - for nearly two weeks. To sleep. Repetitively

I saw the Devil. I saw Evil. I was alone but felt the wrong company

I drank to sleep = cut depression.

I thought I was immune.

And yes, I am.

I downed the last bottle of wine right down the drain.

I laughed and said sweet goodbye

I should be in shivers, I should be freaking out.

I make get shivers, I may freak out. But fat chance.

Narcolepsy prevents me from going outside - leaving the house - it's too cold.

I order take-aways. I have to conserve energy.

Once again a curse becomes a blessing.

My Narcolepsy hates Beer and Wine.

How can people drink wine - taste like vinegar .. or maybe I was lucky - the crate was indeed full of very bad corked wine.

Here, I've bounced my ego about and not one slap - how can you people be so forgiving? Thank you all.

For your time, patience, heart.

Once I prayed I want to meet people look up to them, learn from them.

And I have.

Thank you.

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Marcianna, I'm thankful for you, and Stu, and Mike, and now for Henry. I'm so deeply thankful for this website. I'm thankful for everyone here. Each one. I feel A Christmas Carol coming on...

Henry, you are so very brave. I've actually thanked my N in the past for helping me to not get caught up with alcohol. It could have been so very easy. I'm confined to my house also, which is awful for the kids, BUT, I am now thankful for even that. I received word last week that my melanoma is 100% CURED and all I need to do is look at the big divet in my arm to remember that I should be thankful that I have N and not something that will put me in the grave.

I'm thankful that I made myself go shopping with my husband and boys this past Saturday. We bought items to make yummy food for turkey day. I want my children to remember happiness on each holiday even if everything is done half way. I picked out dishes that are easy to prepare, and although we won't have an enormous feast with a large family gathering to share it, I feel deeply indebted that I have people that love me the way that i am even though I'm taking the easy way out on Thanksgiving Day: Precooked ham that I'll glaze, sweet potato dish, green bean dish, easy to make rolls, a cobbler, and something else. Things that I know my kids will eat. I'm thankful that I'm able to do these things even though I know that it will take me a couple of days to prepare it all.

All of you are great. I almost typed that I couldn't stress enough how truly thankful that I am that I've meet y'all, but then I quickly realized that I KNOW that each of you understand this already.

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I am thankful that last night mydaughter had to go to the hospitol but now shes back and much better. I am also thankful for the shoulder I was lent to lean on for a while. If I didnt have hardships the joys would be less recognizable.

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I am thankful that last night mydaughter had to go to the hospitol but now shes back and much better. I am also thankful for the shoulder I was lent to lean on for a while. If I didnt have hardships the joys would be less recognizable.


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