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Incapacity Benefit

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I didn't realise that I was entiltled to this benefit. My narcolepsy became soo bad last year that I handed in my notice at work. My automatic behaviour was happening for several hours each work day, my whole body was in severe pain, I was coming home and being physically sick. I was then going straight to bed at 6pm and sleeping for at least 24 hours. I won't go into all my symptoms but my GP agreed that work was making my condition worse. A friend told me about incapacity, because my partner worked and I had given notice from my job I didn't think that I was entiltled. I rang up and a form was filled in for me over the phone. Within a week I was accepted for incapacity allowance. It is 64 pounds a week and goes up after six months and then again after a year from being accepted. I had an interview with the job centre who wrote to my GP. I also had a medical after six months (with the DWP doctor), I had to fill in a further form aswel. I found the form straight forward and the whole experience stress free. The DLA (disabiltiy living allowance) is a seperate benefit from incapacity and you could be entiltled to both benefits. The DLA comes in two parts, one mobility component and the other is care. Both mobility and care are sub divided into low/high (mobility) and low/middle/high (care). It is worth looking on this site to see if you meet the criteria.

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