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List Of Things You Hate / Can't Stand

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I was wondering today things that get on my nerve. As I tried to play a CD and my PC wouldn't play.

Certain things I am frightfully intolerant while others (which can really make people drive up the wall) I am pretty Zen about it.

SO what is your list?

I thought of not including people, professions etc because could hurt people or end up in a flame war lol.

SO yeah apart from people what is your list of things you hate / can't stand?

Mine are:

Machines that don't work.

I have no patience. I give it two goes. If the first time it doesn't work I breathe in deeply and try it again. If second time it fails I break smash the thing into 1000 pieces. I destroyed a PC like that. Two DVD players. Two aerials. One television.

A machine got to work. If it doesn't - don't fix it or put up with it - kill it ... humanely.

In fact it's not machines that don't work - that get to me. But machines that are temperamental. Software as well. I have no patience for Microsoft Windows.

Waiting for buses.

I am actually better now. But before I just couldn't bear waiting for a particular bus and witness so many other buses passing by.

Background Sound Radio / Television / Music

Can't stand it. I mean people put music on for the whole day but are not even listening, or the TV for what? A TV is for watching, a CD is for listening. I like silence and when I play something I cherish every second of it - I listen. It makes the occasion more special. It's a tribute to the artist. I pay attention. On very very rare occasions I may put a music on or radio to help me do something boring, like packing or tidying up - or to inspire me with a graphical layout - but even then I rather concentrate on the "boring task" than be distracted by background musak. Yes I am boring, ladies - dont marry me you've been warned :P

Italian Food

I am the only person in the planet that can't stand Italian food. Apart from Pizza and the odd lasagna. But pasta? I HATE PASTA! Spaghetti, ravioli, yuck. I hate the overly-garlicky tomato sauce. Can't stand tomatoes. Italian ladies - don't marry me - you've been warned :P

Sad Films

I am not very good at crying. Meaning, I never feel better but feel worse, nauseous. So I can't understand why pay to watch a film that people say: "Oh you must watch it - it's brilliant - I've cried so much!"

Why would I want to do that? That the world can be very sad, I know that already.

If it's a factual film then that is kinda OK. But tear-jerkers just for the sake of feeling dreadful for the next 3 days - no thanks.

English Weather

Messes me up real bad. You think it's going to be sunny - it rains. You think you will get a nice Summer you don't. Winters are long, and humid. Mostly grey. England is not the ideal place to survive if you have Narcolepsy. I don't know about others but I need sunshine, heat, people, parties, be stimulated but unfortunatelly am still stuck here - far from ideal

Ice Cold Beverages / Piping Hot Food

Something wrong with me because I can't eat anything that is too hot or too cold. Iced Fizzy drinks. Or hot soups. I have to wait both to reach a more tepid temperature. Even ice-creams I prefer at room temperature, i know (very strange) to microwave Ben & Jerry

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I hate it when: You are driving and a person ahead of you is planning on turning left and waits until the last possible second to get in the left hand turn lane that their car's back end is in the driving lane and you have to stop. The left turn lane is designed so that you GET INTO the lane and wait until it's safe to complete the turn! Sometimes I wish for a huge car with a big bumper....

PUSH this button is you want to talk to??? press _ for this department geez. I fall asleep waiting for all the possible options and have to call again because I missed what department I needed.

When my family takes the last coke out of the fridge and doesn't think to put more in, nothing is worse than a warm coke.

Bread crumbs in the butter bowl!!!!!

Double dipping in any food.

Getting frustrated when I'm tired and it seems that this is the particular time when you are having an OCD moment and want to scream because what you are doing has to be done perfectly and nothing is working right.

When my "curfew" time hits (the time every night I take Xyrem) and the whole family needs me to help them with something. I want to scream because when I take it too late I can't sleep long enough so the med wares off and I wake up slightly stoned when the clock rings.

The impatience I have when I'm sleepy.

The weird look you get when you try to explain what N is. Maybe they have N and actually fall asleep and I'm really normal :P ??? I give the short answer too!: "It's a sleeping disorder that can cause one to doze off whenever."

Tons more but, I really need to be domestic and be a mom make dinner and go to bed.

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Let's see...a nice way to say this...

A-HOLES!!!! Self righteous and souless with plenty of darkness to share!

You know who I'm taking about? The people that REALLY stole candy from babies...

The people that are cruel to small animals...

The parents who treat their kids like a burden they have to put up with...

The people that their freaking God will hate me until I recognize him...

You know who I'm talking about?

The people that are clueless to the benefits of helping others...

The dickweeds that steal...NOT because of a need...but just to steal.

The people that only know one tone...CONDESENDING!

You know who I'm talking about? You know...the garden variety A-Hole!

I know, Henry, you said besides people...

These sorts are not real people though.

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Actually change in general. clanks around in your pocket.... way to loud to be a proper ninja. :ph34r: *sigh*

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Pet owners who leave their animals outside all/most of the time.

This isn't the only thing I can't stand, but it is the first one that comes to mind.

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