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Computer Games

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#1 Henry G

Henry G


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Posted 25 August 2008 - 07:01 PM

I've found that computer games on the whole keeps me pretty alert - at least during play, the moment I finish playing I go back to EDS (damn!)

But .. my reflexes do improve. Walking the street, shopping, etc - I find that I am more alert and aware of my surroundings; only because I fear getting run over by a mad driver (as in the game Grand Theft Auto) .. also I keep more focused because an mundane boring activity such as shopping suddenly becomes like the game: I zoom into what I have to buy, I calculate my different journey paths to the checking counter, etc .. I mean it gets silly but it helps.

I was even more silly recently though - pretty stupid in fact. Because I saw myself playing over 6 hours of violent computer games (one-person shooters are my favourites). I did the radical thing of uninstalling all of them. There was a reasonable reason I did that and a childish reason too. The reasonable reason is that I promised some work for a Hospital and thought playing games instead of getting down to work was no excuse. The childish reason was - Valve/Steam (a game company) voided my login credentials; so I couldn't play my own purchased games anymore. So in a fit of radicalism - I thought OK no more game: and uninstalled the entire Windows XP partition (with over 100 games installed) ; formatted the whole thing - and so no more Window games.

After doing that - I began experiencing massive withdrawal symptoms. Probably that was what ultimately lead me experiencing a massive Blues-Attack. Maybe the adrenalin hit was addictive?

But I do believe games (in moderation) helps - and helps a lot.

Sure you are sort of "automatic / robotic" whilst playing. But that conditioning and quick-reaction can carry on through the day and help you survive by being more vigilant - avoid getting run over, etc.

Also I am a great believer in mind games (no not hypnotizing ppl!) .. but brain practice. I think some games can improve concentration, memory, reflexes, quick reasoning, etc. But not if they are overly slow as that would send me to sleep. Bejewelled was a good one. I used to play that a lot.

I wonder what game if any is optimal for a Narcoleptic person.

Optimal in the sense that - just playing it - helps the person become a tad more alert in real life.

Games that are too slow send me to sleep. So I avoid games like World or Warcraft, Fantasy games, SIM, etc - I find they increase my EDS. Also don't like that games that are puzzles - as I am not very clever really.

For a free game - here is one I used to play: http://legendsthegame.net/

What are your favourite computer games?

#2 Marcianna



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Posted 25 August 2008 - 07:48 PM

I'm not very good at games and such, they give me wicked migraines. I usually try not to mess with them but I am guilty of just starting a new online game. I have never done that type of thing before, so I thought I would check it out. so far I cant play on it to often, but When I do it is kinda fun. check it out if you like.... It's kinda childish, but you gotta start somewhere! www.gaiaonline.com

#3 Lais02



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Posted 26 August 2008 - 08:56 PM

Starcraft is the best game ever! LoL It's pretty old and yes I still play it!

#4 Kimberly



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Posted 27 August 2008 - 09:04 AM

My husband downloaded Virtual Villagers for me.

You start with a few people stranded on a desert island and you have to teach them skills, mate them, etc and advance your civilization. It's fun, addicting, easy, and perfect for a control freak like me. I can actually control what happens in that little universe.

I have to be careful not to engage in too much escapist behavior with games, or nothing else will get done.

#5 sleepaholic



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Posted 27 August 2008 - 12:30 PM

Well, I have always been a big gamer, however, I tend to get a little consumed by them so I have to be careful. They tend to keep me up past my bedtime smile.gif which is not good for good sleep hygiene (3-4am, not good). I think the wii would be a good gaming system for pwn...I plan on buying one for the 'kids' (wink) soon!