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Narcolepsy And The Paranormal

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Posted 09 November 2015 - 06:01 AM

This is a really old topic but i could not resist putting in my wee bit. Basically, i have seen spirit forms since i was a child, heard voices, received messages, and had objects flying across room. There is an interesting similarity between the hypnagogic and hypnopompic states and receiving spirit communications whether visually or aurally. When we are in that little space, usually when we are falling asleep, and when asleep, that spirit can more easily contact us.. A bit like suspending the mind from the daily crap that usually clutters it up. I believe it is akin to a meditative state which i am able to reach very easily. The only way to find out if it is a complication due to narcolepsy or true spirit contact is to find confirmation. I once when going to sleep controlled my mind in that i took myself into self-hypnosis ( i have a diploma in hypnosis and am aware of the dangers and suggest that if you are not familiar with it that you do not attempt it). I then made contact with a gentleman called albert von shrenk notzing ( yes he told me his name). The next day i researched this man and found out that he had indeed lived and was part of a physical circle many moons ago. In fact he hypnotised the physical medium to allow her to go into a trance state to allow the spirit world to interact in a physical manner with the sitters within the room. I questioned why this man would contact me and realised that as i was a medium sitting in a physical circle trying to develop physical phenomena he had taken an interest in the circle. He may also wished to have helped. I was also demonstrating mental mediumship on the spiritual church platforms. My job as a bus driver has interfered with my spirit work as i work long hours and the driving tires me and so i do not work in that manner professionally now much to my chagrin. Anyway, i now believe that i have a sleep related problem. I have yet to have a mslt although i was checked for apnea which was borderline and not needing treated. My doc mentioned narcolepsy and at first i thought 'No, its not that', as i did not fully understand all the symptoms but am having second thoughts now. However, regardless whether or not i have narcolepsy, i do know that all my otherwordly experiences were spirit contact.