Narcolepsy And The Paranormal

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I actually always had a strong fascination with the paranormal. Ironically I had believed the easiest Psychic ability to learn and the one I practiced most was Astral Projection. I have studied many books, spoken with experts and even had the privilege to be a guest speaker on the subject for two college classes during my college days. This was all prior to my narcolepsy of course.


Before my narcolepsy I tried for years to accomplish a successful, fully coherent Etheric projection. (Read the astral projection work book for specifics:P)

I never had much success. But then I was struck with Narcolepsy and would you believe it.


In astral projection the ability to go to sleep quickly is useful. But two of the most common phenomena written in nearly every single book on the subject of astral projection.are something called (maybe you've heard of these) Sleep paralysis and the hypnogogic state. In the books it is believed that these things occur when the consciousness is transitioning from the physical body to its etheric or astral counter part.


So I imagine you might now ask... So you studied this and practiced for years. and now you have Narcolepsy and conveniently you do suffer the systems of sleep paralysis and hypnogogic hallucinations. Can it be a coincidence? Was the narcolepsy perhaps a side effect of your efforts? Or the even more intriguing question. Now that you pretty much reach these states whether you like it or not have you now been able to Astral Project?


The answer to the first question is No. I believe part of why I focused on astral projection was even as a teenager I noticed subtly I often required more sleep then others around me even back then. I suspect the narcolepsy took full effect over time.


The second question. Well I have certainly found I can induce lucid dreams far more easily then ever before. However nothing I see while these dreams occur can prove definitively that I am doing more then just dreaming. However one interesting side effect is during these lucid dreams there are two inconsistencies that I cannot explain as a dream. during these lucid dreams the sensation of pain can occur. In one dream I felt teeth bite into my leg from a wild dog. this was not a pleasant experience and I was actually surprised to find that there was no injury on my leg due to how real the pain felt during the dream. secondly like in the chapters regarding the mental plane of the astral it is stated that one must be careful what they think about. you might be forced to face fears you do not wish to see. needless to say I am careful to resist letting the mind wander as the moment I do the dreamscape begins to change in response. Its not common to have that much control over normal lucid dreams.


so I suppose that leaves the final answer to the second question open to debate. 

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I only recently been diagnosed with Narcolepsy. But this diagnosis was a "Ah Ha!" Moment. I'm 45 years old and I have always had paranormal experiences since I was a kid.. Profound visions and apparitions in my room at night. I have something like a 3 rd eye of sorts.. Call it empathic abilities. I can talk to someone and know things that they are keeping secret or are disturbing them without their telling me. Along with that my dreams are intense.. I have had warnings and messages from loved ones that have past away.. I had a OBE that was so strange at the time., I didn't connect the experience as a OBE until years later.. My dream was this.. I was flying through the air and came upon 2 close male friends of mine rough housing in the parking lot of a deli we all went to in our home town.. I felt there joy and playfulness.. Than I was inside this person , looking through his eyes and feeling his joy and love for our friend.. The deli owner came out of the Deli and the cops arrived because they all thought it was a fight, but these guys were just being dudes and that's how they showed affection for each other.. They reassured the police and deli owner and went on there way,, I felt their emotions.. I felt heat and humidity of the air.. I woke up and thought... Where the hell did that dream come from.. Strange!!! Years later I reconnected with one of these guys and he tells me innocently about him hooking up with our other friend... He told me the exact story as I dreamed it..!!! I nearly fell on the floor! I realized that it was an OBE and I had been there as an astral projection..

Another time I had a strange dream that involved my co-worker and we went to her grandmothers house.. I went to work the next day and told my co-worker about the dream I had of her and her Granny and she began shake and cry.. Left the office for a few.. I was like.. What did I say??? So she comes back into our office and tells me she had the exact dream last night, every detail of the dream the same , and that she dreamed of her grandmother and her grandmother was dead.., there are many more experiences I've had but these come to mind.. I do believe that having narcolepsy is part of a gift or the medical community validating that what we have is real and it is a gift if we learn how to channel our abilities in a positive way.. There are many realms shall we say, higher vibrations and lower vibrations .. It is like we have an ezpass into these realms.. A fast lane .. My vibrations and thoughts channel where we go or want to hear..

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I also have had hallucinations falling asleep and upon waking.. Even durning my waking hours. But sleep paralysis is not a part of them. I woke one night with a shadow man laying on me, in between my legs and his arms holding himself up.. He was huge, and pitch black.. I whimpered away from him trying to get out from under him.. I wasn't paralyzed .. And as my boyfriend woke up he disintegrated like fine pixels before my eyes.. That was extremely frightening.. I have heard a voice talking to me since I was a young women as I'm waking up saying things like.. Don't do that.. Don't do it., over and over again.. Than the voice fades.. Just recently I heard this voice say to me as in waking.., " you are my child and I will not forsake you"... I believe it is my guide or angel.. It is comforting always.. And it isn't coming from my head it seems the voice is in my room.. Narcolepsy? I see a neurologist in the middle of this month and I'm afraid he may think I'm nuts.. I also have a meningioma brain tumor.. I get migraine. I also collapse in the middle of the night if I'm awoken from sleep by my daughter with what seems like grand mal seizures, or are they cataplexy attacks.. Or both.. I at times get out of bed and can't move one leg at all, fall flat but I'm awake.. Or I wake up and can't move just my arms, they are paralyzed .. Then it subsides.. I don't know what to make of any of this.. I haven't been prescribed medication yet. Because of the tumor they gave me a 72 hour EEG in April, so this is all new to me and that's how they found my narcolepsy..

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This is a really old topic but i could not resist putting in my wee bit. Basically, i have seen spirit forms since i was a child, heard voices, received messages, and had objects flying across room. There is an interesting similarity between the hypnagogic and hypnopompic states and receiving spirit communications whether visually or aurally. When we are in that little space, usually when we are falling asleep, and when asleep, that spirit can more easily contact us.. A bit like suspending the mind from the daily crap that usually clutters it up. I believe it is akin to a meditative state which i am able to reach very easily. The only way to find out if it is a complication due to narcolepsy or true spirit contact is to find confirmation. I once when going to sleep controlled my mind in that i took myself into self-hypnosis ( i have a diploma in hypnosis and am aware of the dangers and suggest that if you are not familiar with it that you do not attempt it). I then made contact with a gentleman called albert von shrenk notzing ( yes he told me his name). The next day i researched this man and found out that he had indeed lived and was part of a physical circle many moons ago. In fact he hypnotised the physical medium to allow her to go into a trance state to allow the spirit world to interact in a physical manner with the sitters within the room. I questioned why this man would contact me and realised that as i was a medium sitting in a physical circle trying to develop physical phenomena he had taken an interest in the circle. He may also wished to have helped. I was also demonstrating mental mediumship on the spiritual church platforms. My job as a bus driver has interfered with my spirit work as i work long hours and the driving tires me and so i do not work in that manner professionally now much to my chagrin. Anyway, i now believe that i have a sleep related problem. I have yet to have a mslt although i was checked for apnea which was borderline and not needing treated. My doc mentioned narcolepsy and at first i thought 'No, its not that', as i did not fully understand all the symptoms but am having second thoughts now. However, regardless whether or not i have narcolepsy, i do know that all my otherwordly experiences were spirit contact.

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