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Aberrations - Mainstream Literary Novel With Narcoleptic Protagonist

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Hi All,

Just wanted to let everyone know that Aberrations is now available for pre-orders on Amazon! It's already been put on some great Listmania Lists. I assume these were created by folks who read the earlier version. If you read the earlier version, please consider putting a review on Amazon.

Everyone in the NN community has been so supportive of the book, and I am so grateful for that.

If you haven't yet, please stop by my Web site. I am updating my blog every week now so you might enjoy that. It's called Aberration Nation.

For those who aren't familiar with the book, here's the brief synopsis:

Twenty-one-year-old narcoleptic Angel Duet knows her father harbors secrets. He loves and protects her, but his suspicious refusal to discuss her mother s death drives Angel to worship an image created from the little history she does have: her father's sketchy stories and her mother's treasured photography, studies of clouds that have hung in the their foyer for more than twenty years.

When her father's girlfriend moves in, the photographs come down, and Angel's search for truth becomes an obsession. As she struggles to uncover the past and gain control over the narcolepsy that often fogs her world, Angel descends into a dizzying realm of drugs, adultery, and confused desire that further obscures reality.

As Angel begins to expose a history she could never have imagined, she discovers her entire life has been anchored around lies. Accepting the truth, once found, is the key to understanding herself, her family, and her life. To truly awaken, Angel must realize that sometimes the gifts we receive are not what we want--and only in time do we see their worth.

At first glance, Aberrations is the story of a young woman who learns to live with her narcolepsy, and who struggles immensely to understand how her mom died when she was born and to discover who her mother really was. But the debut novel of Penelope Przekop moves insightfully into a whole other dimension, showing the reader how each of us lives a life of aberration, that we each have some kind of stigma or conflict or handicap to overcome. We also discover that having the strength to first seek out the truth and then to live with it can be quite challenging.

Best -


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By the way, please feel free to post any comments or questions you may have about the novel here and I'll be happy to reply.

Thanks, Penelope

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