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This Isn't Working For Me!

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With provigil, I can't let it do everything. I can't take it and expect it to give me energy. I'm (humbley) learning I have to move, and let the provigil help me move. I can't expect the provigil to make me want to move, and I'm convinced that motivation needs to come from within. With that in mind, provigil works much better...that's my experience.

Sometimes I get depressed, and want to give the world a big middle finger. I caught myself expecting the provigil to help, when the fact of the matter is I am bigger than the little white pill. At that point the pill does jack. At that point *I* have to do something...ANYTHING, but hermitize.

This is a great advice and problably the way out of the inertia and depression I feel trapped in right now, waitting for the right medication to save me. "I have to do something" Thank you so much!!!!

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