Experiencing relief from EDS with Vicodin...has anyone else?

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ANywho, I digress. The point is, I really wish Vicodin and Percocet didn't have such a bad connotation. I mean I know that there are people who have struggled with addiction to these meds and I truly feel for them, but I have never had a problem when the "bottle ran out". I could take them for a week after a surgery, and then just move on. I never had any "withdrawl" or "drug seeking" behaviors...I just felt better on them!!

Well thank you again everyone for your replies. I'm off to bed!!

I think a large number of people were probably fine when the bottle ran out. At first. My mom being one of them. She took medication for 15 years before she developed an addiction. Now that she has, she can't be without it. She thinks she is in so much pain when she is on them that she takes more and more. Truth is, she is in pain, but not as horrible as she acts. She has become a very different person, and was many different people while I was growing up. She started out just needing a little more, a little more, a little more, until she eventually was sneaking around going to different doctors and stealing from peoples medicine cabinets, etc. I could go on and on...

I know this may not be the case for everyone, but be careful. It doesn't take much to lose control.

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I've been taking Vicodan for back pain for years. I have not found them to be helpful at all for EDS. They are great for managing the pain but that's all.

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