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NEED YOUR INPUT - Quotes about Diagnosis of Sleep Disorders

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Did you visit several doctors before getting diagnosed? Or get the WRONG diagnosis over and over? Or spend many years telling your doctor(s) about your sleepiness but didn't get their attention?

I'm collecting specific quotes to use in a letter campaign to physicians in my area....and maybe beyond. Please help me by sending me your completion of the following statement:

If I had been diagnosed earlier, I would have________________________

This is how I will use your sentence:

I want doctors to start asking patients about sleep. This is talked about at the national level - has been talked about for quite a few years, but it seems that all the boards, committees and agencies want to either set policy, legislate or fund formal programs to get across a rather uncomplicated and simple message: Doctors...Ask your patients about their sleep!

So...I'm starting my own campaign by drafting a "Dear Doctor" letter. In it I will simply and plainly explain why I believe all doctors should ask patients about the quality of their sleep. "Hey...if we can get an entire nation to STOP Smoking...we can get an entire nation to START sleeping!" -- quote, Ann Austin

Every payday, I will buy one book of stamps and dedicate it to mailing 20 letters to doctors in my area. I'll start with the general family practice docs and work into the specialties. If this catches on...if you like the idea, I will send you the letter to send to doctors in your area!

This is how I need your help: To accompany the letter, I will include a sheet of statements from YOU - those who submit. The statements may be something like:


If I had been diagnosed earlier, I would have finished my Ph.D. -- Ann, Narcolepsy, Symptom Onset: age 8, Diagnosed: Age 37

If I had been diagnosed earlier, I would have been able to keep my job. -- Jack, Obstructed Sleep Apnea, Symptom Onset: age 36, Diagnosed: Age 47

If I had been diagnosed earlier, I would have remembered to turn the stove off and prevented the fire that destroyed half my home. -- Laurie, Insomnia, Symptom Onset: age 27, Diagnosed:Age 34

If I had been diagnosed earlier, I would have laughed at my children's jokes and cried at my daughter's wedding...without falling down. -- Ruth, Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, Symptom Onset: age 17, Diagnosed: Age 48


Your quote/sentence completion

Your first name ONLY...or a fake first name

Your diagnosis

Age of symptom onset

Age of diagnosis

And finally...I'm turning to the Narcolepsy community to help find ALL sleep disordered people. Everyone with Narcolepsy knows several people with other sleep disorders. Please ask your family and friends to particpate so that the Dear Doctor letter can represent all sleep disorders.

Thanks!! Ann Austin - PWN

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