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Hi all,


My name is Cecelia. I'm 25 and was just recently diagnosed with Narcolepsy. I've been started on Provigil as of yesterday and was excited to have my first "normal" day that I can remember in months! I'm excited to start living again and have energy to do the things that I love to do; paint, sew, getting outdoors, etc. My husband is very supportive of my diagnoses but other family members are not. I'm growing increasingly frustrated with family members who are doubtful of doctors and are uneducated about narcolepsy. I was told by an Aunt who is a nurse that sleep medicine is a joke; since she is a "medical professional" my mom agreed with her. I'm hoping as time goes on, they will change their opinions.  Looking forward to meeting lots of new friends through this site who can relate to my issues.



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