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Dreams and the Menstrual Cycle

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I have been doing some research about menstruation in general and came across these two studies which conclude that women, even those without Narcolepsy, have a significant increase in frequency of dream state between ovulation and menstruation, and may experience excessive daytime sleepiness during this time, triggered by hormone upticks. 

For menstruating women who struggle at this time of their cycle with premenstrual symptoms which add an overwhelming dimension to their narcolepsy, I send you blessings and hope this information brings you greater self-love.

You are not your narcolepsy. You are not your hormones. You are a woman with incredible power. 

Also, I'm am very interested in the relationship of the moon cycle to menstruation and have found it helpful to understand that for white moon cycles, those who ovulation around the full moon, the time between ovulation and menstruation is very introverted, reflective and most suitable for repetative tasks (full moon wanes to new moon). While the time from menstruation to ovulation is full of extroverted, creative energy and a great time to take on a new project, start to finish (New moon waxes to full). Red moon cycles are different and I cannot speak to that. But the white moon cycle for me fits with the conclusion of the attached studies that a significant increase in dream state between ovulation and menstruation would be accompanied by greater sleepiness, premenstrual symptoms and not a great time for being productive. Time to stop beating myself up and embrace my energy flow.

Hope this is supportive.

Hartmann, Dreaming Sleep.pdf

Swanson and Foulkes, Dream Content.pdf

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